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SALT LAKE CITY, Feb. 8, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On Friday February 1st, Sandboxr officially launched their much anticipated software to beta users, hailed as a breakthrough that the 3D printing industry has been missing. Sandboxr bridges the gap between user accessibility and 3D printing technology and is on track to deliver an intuitive 3D experience to the public very soon.

Sandboxr did not disappoint the local Salt Lake City fans and those who had traveled from all over the country to witness the historic occasion. The Leonardo Science and Art Museum was a fitting venue for the official launch of the Utah tech startup, who combine computer technology, 3D modeling, animation and art to produce custom, one of a kind, 3D products.

A constant buzz of excitement filled the room with hundreds of people in attendance throughout the evening. No-one was left wanting for opportunities to see and hear Sandboxr's inspiring story and 3D product. From the 'Play Here' station where guests used the Sandboxr app on tablets and notebooks, to the eye candy that was placed throughout the room in the form of 3D printed characters and Sandboxr custom packaging. 'Sandboxr Origins', the new Sandboxr video, narrated by Berkley Frei, CEO and TJ Young CFO/COO, was also released giving insight into how the Sandboxr concept initially unfolded.

Of the many highlights during the evening, the unveiling of the zoetrope was one of the most memorable. The infinitely looped scene was created by Berkley Frei, using characters drawn by Trent Call of Swinj, a local Salt Lake City artist. The bright colors and endearing characters captivated the audience both young and old. Every character was printed using 3D full color sandstone printers at the Sandboxr Studio. The zoetrope is an awe inspiring 7-ft-6" high, 4-ft wide statement, announcing Sandboxr is ready and able to offer an exceptional 3D experience to everyone, from sophisticated users like artists and video game developers to everyday users like children and video game fans.

So where to from here? Sandboxr continues to distribute beta keys to selected artists and fans whose content and interactivity will help with the final tweaking of the Sandboxr experience. Sandboxr is aiming to have the full app available to the public shortly. Berk Frei adds "Sandboxr is all about content! We want to give every user the best 3D experience possible and content is vital to the Sandboxr experience. It will be crowdsourced from all over the world and we are ready to work with 3D artists, animators and modelers to ensure we have quality assets people will want to customize and play with." To obtain a beta key go to and request an invite.

Sandboxr is also working on their Kickstarter campaign to be released shortly. TJ Young, CFO/COO is resolute "Sandboxr will change the industry of custom 3D printing, globally. We have a steep yet manageable growth incline ahead of us! We are extremely confident and excited at the prospect of bringing this project full circle. With the acquisition of an unprecedented amount of full color 3D printers, coupled with the refinement of our proprietary software, we will be that much closer to seeing our dream come to fruition. We have plans for utilizing Kickstarter for additional funding, as well as the marketing advantages that come along with a well produced campaign on that platform."

Rebecca Lee
Marketing Director
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Sandboxr is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, led by Founder and CEO, Berkley Frei. Sandboxr is an app experience and online community that allows consumers of all ages to quickly access vast amounts of 3D content and use an intuitive interface to mix, morph and style characters and objects. The merchandising platform will change the face of user interactions and connections to popular characters found in the video game, animation, comic, art world and more.

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