Alice Veterinarian Stresses Value of Pet Boarding at Animal Hospital

ALICE, Texas, Feb. 10, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alice veterinarian Dr. Clay R. Brieger of Alamosa Animal Hospital in Alice, TX is educating pet owners about the benefits of pet boarding. According to Dr. Brieger, pet boarding is a safer option than leaving pets home alone or even under the care of a neighbor. When boarded at an animal hospital, pets receive regular attention and care, and are at low risk of escape or health emergencies. Kennel staff is trained to administer medication and should an emergency care be required, a veterinarian is nearby.

During times of travel, Alamosa Animal Hospital is reminding pet owners to choose veterinary boarding rather than leaving pets home alone.

"Travel can be a stressful experience for anyone; there's no need to subject your pets to this same travel stress," said veterinarian Dr. Clay R. Brieger. "Rather than leaving pets home alone, we recommend pet owners choose pet boarding at an animal clinic."

Alamosa Animal Hospital provides cat and dog boarding for Orange Grove, San Diego, Mathis and Agua Dulce pets. These services include a secure environment, supervised activities for dogs, nutritious meals, and access to emergency veterinary care, should the need arise.

According to Dr. Brieger, even the most independent cats can become anxious when left home alone for extended periods. "Some pet owners mistakenly believe their pet fine on its own or that a daily visit from the neighbor will suffice," said Dr. Brieger. "However, pets are used to regular attention and companionship. A sudden change in this situation may leave pets confused or anxious. Worse, pets that are bored and unsupervised can destroy furniture or accidentally ingest a poisonous substance, like a houseplant."

Boarding at an animal clinic provides peace of mind for pet owners. Pets are kept in a secure kennel with little risk of escape. Dogs and cats are boarded separately for their safety and convenience.

"We recognize that cats and dogs have very different needs when it comes to attention and interaction," said Dr. Brieger. "At our animal hospital, we strive to maintain a fun, active environment for dogs and a quiet, calming one for cats. Our goal is to be a 'home away from home' for all our pets."

Dr. Brieger and the veterinary team recognize that some pets may have had a negative boarding experience in the past. Consequently, the veterinarian works hard to create a stress-free environment that will help even the most anxious or nervous pets relax. Pet owners are welcome to drop off a blanket or special toy for pets that will remind them of home and help soothe anxiety. All pets must be up to date on vaccinations and parasite-free prior to admittance for boarding.

In addition to pet boarding, the animal clinic provides wellness exams, vaccinations, and pet surgery. Pet owners can learn more at these services at

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