Southington Chiropractor Helps Patients Lose Weight the Healthy Way

MILLDALE, Conn., Feb. 10, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Grant Chiropractic Health Center, LLC in Milldale, CT is educating patients about the importance of maintaining a healthy weight. Southington chiropractor Dr. Carol Grant provides weight loss services that focus on nutritional counseling and healthy lifestyle choices, rather than fad diets. This commitment to healthy weight loss reflects the practice's focus on whole body health and long-term well-being. Excess weight stresses the spine and increases the risk for injury and pain. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight reinforces many of the benefits provided by chiropractic care including back pain relief.

Southington chiropractor Dr. Carol Grant is helping her patients achieve their New Year's resolution goals through weight loss management. Dr. Grant offers the Take Shape for Life Program, which focuses on healthy eating and lifestyle changes.

"I used the Take Shape for Life program myself to lose 18 pounds of fat in five months," said Dr. Grant. "Most importantly, the program's emphasis on lifestyle changes has helped me maintain this weight loss by incorporating healthy living into my daily life. I am excited to share this revolutionary program with my patients."

Being overweight can lead to numerous health problems, including heart disease, diabetes and an increased risk for chronic pain. Recent studies have found a correlation between being overweight and an increase in migraines and headaches.

"Excess weight stresses the spine and strains the muscles and ligaments," said Dr. Grant. "It's no surprise that overweight patients frequently complain about back pain and other chronic pain problems. Losing just a few pounds can make a significant difference for overall health."

Losing weight also enhances the pain management benefits provided by spinal adjustments. When the body is at a healthy weight, there is less strain on the musculoskeletal system. This naturally relieves joint and muscle pain.

Weight loss management services are available to all of Dr. Grant's patients at Grant Chiropractic Health Center.

Dr. Grant begins by providing patients with a complete health assessment. Next, she will guide patients through the Take Shape for Life program, focusing on nutrition, exercise and rest.

"Together, we break weight loss down into a series of small, manageable goals," said Dr. Grant. "Rather than being overwhelmed by the need to lose a large amount of weight, we focus on achieving weekly milestones. This supports sustained weight loss and encourages patients to integrate healthy habits into their daily lives."

According to Dr. Grant, overweight patients who struggle with chronic pain can realize immediate benefits following initial weight loss.

"Patients who are just five or 10 pounds lighter already have more energy and less back pain," said Dr. Grant. "By continuing with our weight loss management program, these patients experience a significant improvement in their well-being,"

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