The Best Trade of the Past 20 Years?

Foreclosed single-family homes, available for below replacement value, are one of the top trades around, Colony Capital founder and CEO Tom Barrack said Monday on CNBC.

"When we look at a trade, we're always just trying to figure out what's the best mispricing at the moment. And usually, that follows some governmental intervention, and today that happen to be foreclosed single-family housing," he said.

On "Fast Money," Barrack said that this trade offers opportunity in terms of "contrarian play, market barriers to entry and mispricings."

Asked about whether the housing market appears as good as some bulls say it is, Barrack said that it was complicated.

"The Fed has one major play in its playbook," he added. "That is, to print money by hitting a character on a typewriter, use that printed capital to buy mortgage-backed securities and Treasuries, originate mortgage-backed securities through GSEs – GSEs which are now in conservatorship that have cost us $200 billion since 2006.

"In return, the GSEs go to originating banks and encourage them to originate single-family mortgages at low interest rates that can then be bundled into mortgage-backed securities and thus provide affordability to a homeowner, not the scarcity of housing but the availability of credit."

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The Federal Reserve would drive drive price appreciation, Barrack said, especially for those who see housing as a proxy for the creation of wealth.

Barrack also noted that shares of home builders, such as Lennar and Toll Brothers, have surged, as they benefited from deferred taxes and current value of their unused inventory of lots.

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"For sure the lack of supply over the last five years has caused demand," he added.

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