Blackberry Spokesperson Alicia Keys Still Using iPhone?

Alicia Keys
Getty Images
Alicia Keys

Looks like Blackberry's spokesperson, Alicia Keys, may not be as in love with the new Blackberry 10 as she claims.

A tweet sent from Keys' Twitter account was sent from an iPhone on Monday, but the singer claims she didn't send the tweet.

At the Blackberry 10 event last month, CEO Thorsten Heins announced that Keys would be the company's new official creative director. Keys then went on and on about how she was reuniting with Blackberry and leaving her Apple iPhone behind. Well, that may not exactly be true.

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The tweet quoted lyrics from a song by the hip-hop artist Drake and stated "Started from the bottom and now were here!"

Monday afternoon, after people started noticing Keys had used her iPhone to post the tweet, she sent out another tweet claiming that her account had been hacked. She then erased the tweet that was marked as being sent from an iPhone.

A Blackberry spokesperson said in a statement to CNBC that "Alicia Keys no longer has an iPhone and believes her account was hacked this morning."

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