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San Francisco, Feb. 12, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- adverCar™, innovative out-of-home (OOH) media provider, announced today that Dashers Insurance, a California auto insurance agency is deploying a fleet of adverCars to boost awareness of the company's new location in San Jose. In addition, Take 5 Oil Change, a multi-unit quick-change oil service, experienced great results from its recent 30-day campaign. In both campaigns, the ads showcase company branding on cars, and target people where they live, work and play.

adverCar campaigns have proven to be highly successful in the auto service industry - reaching car owners in a captive driving environment. adverCar's complex technology platform enables the company to match the right drivers with suitable ad campaigns to reach the best possible demographic.

Neil Turner, adverCar founder and CEO commented, "Due to social media, people have become accustomed to sharing favorite brands and services. We started adverCar because we believe our model takes that endorsement into the real world, allowing people to drive their favorite brands in and around their community, giving advertisers more value for their ad dollar than radio, TV or billboards. Drivers make extra money, and advertisers get value in knowing their ads are seen by the demographic they seek to target, ultimately being endorsed by a community of peers."

adverCar's technology platform also shows advertisers exactly how, when and where their adverCar's are being seen. Reports showing total impressions, parked/rush hour/drive time impressions, top 10 roadways that generated impressions, heat maps showing roads covered, geofence showing impressions delivered close to a specific location, and complete road coverage listing all covered locations, are all reported to adverCar customers for each campaign.

On Saturday, February 16th adverCar will install a fleet of Dashers Insurance cars in San Jose and San Francisco locations, which will be presented in and around the Silicon Valley. The installation event is open to the media, who are invited to attend and speak with adverCar, Dashers, or adverDrivers™. Interested drivers can visit today to qualify for a campaign.

Take 5 Oil ran a successful 30-day adverCar campaign for a grand opening, which also included a $10 off coupon on an oil change if customers took a picture of an adverCar showcasing the Take 5 brand. Due to the campaign, Take 5 enjoyed a spike of ~425 incremental oil changes, and a 25% increase in net sales vs. control locations. In fact, the oil service company is still getting new customers--directly attributed to adverCar--weeks after the campaign came off the road. Pete Frey, president and CEO of Take 5 Oil said, "We had our best grand opening ever, and all we did was add adverCar to our media plan."

"We find adverCar's model very interesting; advertising car insurance on cars themselves makes perfect sense. As we learned more about how they track drivers, along with results their customers have seen, we had to give it a try," said Dashers Insurance Chairman Roopal Shah. "We're deploying the adverCar campaign instead of radio this quarter, and we hope to see increased traffic to our SJ location, and, of course, enjoy a spike in paying customers. It might just give drivers the necessary urgency they need to ensure that they have the right car insurance while they're actually driving."

The adverCar approach is tightly targeted. Regular drivers - typically young people and adverMoms™ - are paid to display a suite of removable decals to their car for a set period of time - usually one month. The ads go where the drivers go; advertisers can match a given promotion with specific driving locations---specific ZIP codes, freeways, supermarkets, mall parking lots, churches, clubs, soccer fields, etc. GPS, combined with driver reports, and stats based on the Traffic Audit Bureau standards, advertisers gain a rich set of data on each campaign.

adverCar recently announced its initial funding to grow its team and continue working with customers, including start-ups looking to recruit, auto service companies, sports teams, quick service restaurants, political campaigns, cellular providers, residential solar, CPG companies, charities, and a myriad of other types of businesses. This mobile advertising model has been tested in 40 markets across 11 states, and is designed to offer advertisers more flexibility, greater specificity and more control in targeting consumers, at a tremendous cost savings. For more advertiser testimonials, please visit adverCar's website.

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Headquartered in San Francisco, Ca., adverCar is an innovative media company that provides next-gen, out-of-home (OOH) ad services using its technology platform to match advertisers with consumers who drive, displaying ads that cannot be ignored or clicked away. adverCar targets your customers where they live, work, and shop, driving people to desired behaviors. For more information, visit

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