is Now Offering Unattended Disk Printing Devices

Los Angeles, CA, Feb. 12, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- offers unattended disk printing services to their valued customers for as low as $1099 before tax. This low price puts high-quality unattended disk printing in the hands of even private consumers.

Unattended disk printers are used to create high outputs of professional quality printed CDs and DVDs. Some disk printers simply print the labels and others both burn the CDs and DVDs and print labels. The disk printers offered by do not require constant manual feeding of disks or removing disks to prepare for printing the next one. Simply load up to 50 disks into the printer and the printer will do the rest.

Choose from two autoprinters: the G4-A1000 and the Microboards CD/DVD Unattended Disk Printing System. The G4-A1000 is Americal's best value in unattended disk printing. This printer utilizes HP inkjet technology and high quality HP inkjet colors to produce professional results. Print titles, content lists, and even graphics on the CDs and DVDs in multiple colors. The G4 produces quality prints in an efficient manner. In as little as 20 seconds, you will have a professionally-printed disk that even includes graphics and multiple colors. The G4 is also cost-effective. The cost of printing the disks is approximately 25 cents each, guaranteeing that you can print all of the disks you need without breaking the bank.

Microboards CD/DVD Unattended Disk printing System burns and prints your disks quickly and professionally. This printer can burn and print 8X Blu-ray, 24X DVD, and 48X CD effortlessly. The Microboards printer even allows remote printing from several different networked computers, making it the ideal solution for business printing. Similar to the G4, the Microboards printer produces CDs and DVDs in as little as 20 seconds and for about 25 cents per disk. is one of the most trusted names in printing and data storage. Purchase CD DVD labels, Lightscribe CDs, Blu-ray burners, Bluray blank media, and CD R blank media in bulk for pennies on the dollar of what you would pay at your local office supply store. has all of the supplies you need for some of the lowest prices available online or offline, including Blu Ray Media, DVD cases, and much more.

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