Complete Cloud Hosting Solutions Protects Businesses Data

Grayson, Feb. 12, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For organizations as large as Exxon, Apple and Amazon to local firms with one or two employees, Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) can no longer be an afterthought of companies. It is estimated that a company will have a major impact of data loss once every eighteen months, and this can be a combination of hardware failure, human error, hacking/security issues. Complete Cloud Hosting Solutions located in Grayson,GA specializes in analyzing networks, establishing disaster recovery plans, and implementing onsite and offsite data storage plans.

Owner David Williams says that, "Complete Cloud Hosting Solutions is here to protect your company. With the competitive nature of business, it is imperative that owners and operators of companies understand their system vulnerabilities. Understanding the impact a major system outage can have on your organization is crucial to staying successful, and that is where our expertise will provide your company with a competitive advantage."

When asked about why to invest in a managed disaster recovery program, David responded with, "it is similar to insurance. A well-documented and audited disaster recovery program provides piece of mind for the operators and owners of companies. And, when a catastrophe occurs, your company will have faith that your system will be fully restored by your trusted business partner."

David elaborated on "when a catastrophe occurs," by saying, "I understand that owners and operators believe their hardware systems will never malfunction, an employee will not accidently delete a fixed assets module from your financial system, or that an employee will accidently delete the entire human resource system, but in the past six months all of those issues occurred in companies that we serve. And, in all instances, we were able to restore the data back to the proper condition within hours, and we were able to figure out why the incident happened, and recommend adjustments to the company's policy and procedures."

When asked about what sets Complete Cloud Hosting Solutions apart from the large companies that offer these solutions, David responded with, "There are multiple online companies that specialize in disaster recovery hosting and managed systems, including IBM, VMWare, RackSpace, Mozy, Dell and Sunguard. While all of the companies charge a comparable amount per Gigabit, with Complete Cloud Hosting Solutions, we provide daily auditing of your back up system, we communicate directly with your company if there is an issue, and you call our support department for any recovery needs. Our support representatives know your firm, they understand your data, and they will work with your company until you are satisfied with your system restoration; whereas, working with the large firms-they will provide you with a backup CD in 2 or 3 days, for you to bring in an outside support company to restore the data."

"Complete Cloud Hosting Solutions not only offers disaster recovery planning with an emphasis on impeccable customer service. Because we value you as a business partner, our customer service representatives focus exclusively on providing you top-notch support. We will invest whatever resources are necessary to keep your company in service and your budget on track. Our success is measured only by the success and satisfaction of our customers."

To further expand on the owners and operators of Complete Cloud Hosting Solutions, David says, "Our team is composed of multiple business partners located throughout the United States including one company with a background with over twenty-five years in the telecommunications industry (including owning and operating back end telecom systems similar to AT&T), two network partner firms that together have been in business for over 35 years, employ over forty employees providing network design, computer support, healthcare information technology installations and security, while they run PCI and HIPAA certified systems. It is this combination of our diverse backgrounds and experience that has taught us exactly what it takes to operate a successful company, and we are more than honored to earn your business and trust!"

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