What to Expect From Obama’s Speech: Krueger

President Barack Obama will most likely focus on middle-class job growth and job creation in his State of the Union speech, Chris Krueger of Guggenheim Partners said Tuesday on CNBC.

"What we're going to see tonight is basically the sequel to the inaugural that we saw three weeks ago, with a real focus on middle-class job growth and job creation, with sort of climate change, immigration reform, gun control and the sequester sort of taking a secondary role," he said.

On "Fast Money," the senior policy analyst said that Obama's speech would be geared more toward supporters.

"The thing to keep in mind here, too, is that the president isn't really giving the State of the Union to the Congress," he said. "He's talking to his supporters, and he's going to take the talking points given tonight on the road for next few days and really try to get his supporters supporting these key campaign planks."

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The sequester, which would slash spending from the federal budget, and immigration reform were likely the only policy areas that could find common ground, Krueger added.

"What you've seen is a pretty clear blueprint, a pretty clear playbook of where the president wants to go in the second term," he said. "And this is maybe a little more specific than the inaugural, but not too much more."

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