Big Talent Helps Big Contestants Get Fit Fast

POMPANO BEACH, Fla., Feb. 13, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fit and fabulous former host of Entertainment Tonight Julie Moran is setting out to help 3 women makeover their lives on her new show Mission Makeover™, produced by O2 Production Studios and airing on Lifetime.

Mission Makeover premiering Monday February 25th, 7:00am (ET/PT) and airing for 13 weeks on the Lifetime network follows the journey of 3 women on a mission of a lifetime. Not your typical weight loss show, Mission Makeover helps these womenmakeover multiple areas of their life, health and wellness.

The three local South Florida women are excited and motivated to lose weight, get healthy and change their lives, most of the time. Emotions and hormones run rampant as the women of Mission Makeover travel this makeover road, and the drama unfolds as the weight comes off or stays on.

Moran guides these women through multiple obstacles and challenges with their weight loss and each other as well as their journey for a life makeover with her winning personality, wisdom, and a whole lot of fun.

Moran is joined by popular fitness expert Tony Horton, who arrives to help kick things up a notch for the women. Celebrity trainer, athlete, author and creator of many fitness programs, Horton will be bringing more than just his cutting edge workouts to the women of Mission Makeover. Tony Horton Kitchen will be delivering the women delicious, nutrient-rich meals to supply them with the nutrition they need on their journey of health and wellness.

Guided by supportive Moran and challenged by the energetic Horton as well as a few other surprise celebrity appearances, the women of Mission Makeover have an exciting life changing journey ahead of them.

If they can make it to the end.

Tune in and follow their journey on the 13 week series Monday February 25th at 7:00am (ET/PT) on Lifetime to watch Moran and Horton on Mission Makeover™ brought to you by O2 Production Studios.

To view behind the scenes action, the women's personal video diary blogs or to start your own makeover journey, log on to the website for tips, tools and tricks of the trade. You too can make it your mission to create a healthier you.
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About Mission Makeover

Mission Makeover is a special series brought to you by the producers of The Balancing Act® that chronicles the journey of three women as they set out to transform their lives. With a panel of nutrition, fitness, style and life coaching experts, the women are given the tools and guidance they need to make significant life changes. Some of America's best fitness, health and nutrition brands partner with the show to further enhance the experience. Fans can follow along and even start their own fitness makeover journey by logging into the website for in-depth video diaries of the ladies, fitness and nutrition tips and recipes and to learn about innovative products to help achieve a healthy lifestyle. Mission Makeover is on a Mission to Health, come and join in!

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