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BUFFALO, N.Y. and SARTELL, Minn., Feb. 14, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Castel Communications and J.C. Christensen & Associates today announced Castel Detect™ Voice and Speech Analysis solution's selection for implementation at J.C. Christensen & Associates.

"In comparison to vendors focusing upon post-call analysis and reporting, Castel Detect™ is the only solution proven to provide LIVE analysis and preventative alerts to both supervisory and agent teams while a customer is still on the line," commented Jim Christensen, J.C. Christensen & Associates' CEO and Owner. "Though post-call reporting is necessary, a main objective of ours is to provide our clients and customers with the best-in-industry technology and partnerships that help us to avoid business risks and build customer loyalty during customer/agent interactions. Castel's solution does just that."

Castel Detect™ is focused on business risk prevention, including compliance issues, escalated customer events, and missed opportunities to close or up-sell. The solution's objective quality assurance measurement allows all agents to be scored 100% without human bias. Additionally, the agent interface, which sets on agents' monitors, provides LIVE analysis and feedback directly to each agent to make modifying one's behavior more successful and long-term. A highly customizable application, Castel Detect™ also integrates with various call center dialers, PBX, digital voice recording (DVR), and other applications currently in use by each business.

"Other vendors are now building 'add-ons' for LIVE analysis processing," comments Rachid Cheaib, CEO for Castel Communications. "We've been developing and installing Castel Detect™ for years now and warn collection agencies to be careful during a review for a voice analytics partner. When companies say they can further configure alerts and other processes 'later on', ask for a LIVE demonstration as to how they do it and speak with a current customer using the 'add-on' successfully before making a final decision. LIVE monitoring and detection is the foundation of Castel Detect™. Engaging prevention of LIVE business risks is how our customers stop issues while their customers are still talking on the phone, not after the call has ended. We've completed many voice and speech analysis Requests For Information documents (RFI); our solution stands out from the others immediately."

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