Johns Creek Veterinarian Helps Pet Owners Learn About Vet Care With New Website

JOHNS CREEK, Ga., Feb. 17, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ValueCare Pet Wellness Clinic Abbotts Bridge in Johns Creek, GA announced the launch of a new website, The new website is designed to make it easier for pet owners to learn about the vet clinic's affordable wellness care services, including annual pet checkups, vaccinations, spay & neuter, and pet dental care. Website features include a 'Veterinary Topics' article library, blog, and e-newsletter.

Johns Creek veterinarian Dr. Claire Surber is making it easier for pet owners to learn about the basics of veterinary wellness care. Dr. Surber announced that her practice, ValueCare Pet Wellness Clinic, has launched a new website with free wellness information.

"Our animal hospital was founded to provide all pet owners with access to affordable, quality pet care," said Dr. Surber. "Educating pet owners about the basics of at-home care is an important part of our mission. Our new website is a free, 24/7 resource that makes it easy for pet owners to learn more about pet care basics."

Individuals who are first-time pet owners or thinking about becoming pet owners for the first time should visit the website's "Veterinary Topics" library to get started. The library includes information on how to adopt a pet along with finding a pet that matches a family's lifestyle.

The website includes articles on bringing a pet home for the first time, along with the basics of obedience training, puppy/kitten vet care, and vaccinations. Recent news topics on the website also include "10 Tips to Keep Pets and Kids Safe," which educates pet owners about the best ways to create a safe and healthy environment for pets and children.

"The website articles on finding a pet and bringing a pet home are a great place to start learning about pet care basics," said Dr. Surber. "Adopting a pet is a long-term commitment, and our animal clinic wants to be sure that all pet owners understand what comes with this adoption."

The website also includes information about basic at-home pet care, including grooming tips, mealtime nutrition recommendations, vaccinations, first aid, traveling with pets, and how to recognize the warning signs of illness.

Pet owners are encouraged to visit the website's blog for the latest vet news and seasonal pet care tips. The Johns Creek veterinarian also share articles on hot topics in pet care, including obesity in dogs, canine juvenile orthopedic disease prevention, heart disease in cats, and vaccination safety.

"Our blog keeps pet owners up to date on the latest pet care news and veterinary health developments," said Dr. Surber. "We also encourage pet owners to leave comments or questions for our vet team after each blog post. We hope to foster a two-way conversation on pet care."

Pet owners may use the clinic's online appointment request form to schedule a visit.

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