Santa Clarita Veterinarian Celebrates Pet Dental Month With Free Pet Dental Exams

SANTA CLARITA, Calif., Feb. 17, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- February is pet dental health month, and Santa Clarita veterinarian, Dr. Baljit Grewal of the Valencia Veterinary Center encourages pet owners to do something positive for their pets' teeth to celebrate. According to Dr. Grewal, even many of the most conscientious pet owners are still unaware of how important dental care is for their dog and cat companions, noting that over 70 percent of adult pets suffer from some degree of dental disease. Dr. Grewal urges owners to train their puppy and kitten pets to accept daily teeth brushing early, and to ensure pets receive a veterinary dental checkup annually.

The Santa Clarita veterinarian says that awareness of pet dental issues is important for pet health. "Many people don't understand that it is just as important for their pet's health as it is for their own health to brush their teeth. Plaque builds up the same way on dog and cat teeth as it does in our teeth, and if not removed, it can have the same damaging effects. Bacteria builds up between the teeth and gums, causing pain, tooth loss and bacterial infections that can even spread to the heart, liver and kidneys. It's an important issue."

So important to Dr. Grewal, in fact, that his Valencia Veterinary Center provides free annual dog and cat dental checkups. During these exams, he assesses the pet's dental health and teaches pet owners how to start a daily teeth brushing habit at home. He urges anyone who has new puppy and kitten companions to start early with teeth brushing. He adds that the subsequent cost of the actual dental cleaning and polishing pay for themselves by preventing serious and painful health problems for pets down the road.

Dr. Grewal says that training older pets to accept teeth brushing may take longer than for puppy and kitten pets, but that the effort is well worth it. He recommends starting at the same time each day, when the pet is relaxed. He says owners should get down on their pets' level and simply let the pet lick some pet toothpaste off of a pet toothbrush. He says pet owners can gradually work up to brushing over the course of several days or weeks with a lot of praise and persistence.

Dr. Grewal encourages pet owners not to ignore their pet's dental health. "It may take awhile to train a pet to accept teeth brushing, but it is very important for keeping your pet healthy. We can also suggest special dental treats and toys that help with the process. The key is to start now."

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