Geek Chic: Google Revamps Topshop Runway

Philip Green's "Topshop" brand joined forces with Internet giant Google at this year's London Fashion Week in a move which has once again built a buzz around the company. The tie-up enabled the group to show its collections as well as some of the backstage chatter online.

"Topshop has always been famous for innovation in products and trends," Topshop Chief Marketing Officer Justin Cooke told CNBC. "Technology is really part of that for us," he said.

This year, connecting with the consumer came via Google. Among other features, Topshop premiered a new feature called 'ModelCam' which allowed viewers to see the catwalk from the model's perspective.

"It's inspired by sports," said Cooke, referring to "hawk-eye" technology used in some games to track the movement of the ball. Cameras fitted into the models' handbags and outfits "allow you to feel that moment when the model walks down the runway" said Cooke. "You see what she sees. That's an incredibly emotive moment to share."

The website's "Shoot The Show" app also allows fashion fans to snap their favorite moments from the catwalk show online, and immediately share them on their social networking site of choice. Top models from the show have also been creating their own content for Google from backstage.

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All of this increases Topshop's already strong online footprint.

"Last year we created the most-viewed show ever" says Cooke. "More than 2 million people tuned in [online].We know the audience is there, what we want to do is give them more insight".

The secret, according to Cooke, is where Topshop draws inspiration from. "We are not looking at the competition" he said. "We are looking at the brands that are doing incredible things like Google, Facebook or Twitter".

"Only five or six brands in the world are thinking like this" he said, citing Nike as an example.

"Great brands sell experiences" enthuses Cooke. "The product has to be incredible, but the experience lasts forever".