U.S. Security Associates' Specialized Ethics Course Provides Employees Insight Into Ethics Theory and Application

U.S. Security Associates Inc.

ATLANTA, Feb. 18, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- U.S. Security Associates (USA) takes extraordinary steps to recruit and develop security industry leaders that drive security solutions. To reinforce the Company's principles of trust, ethics, lawfulness and honesty, U.S. Security Associates seeks out qualified and competent individuals who demonstrate these core values. While all of the Company's uniformed and trained guards are introduced to its Code of Ethics for Security Officers and basic concepts of ethics during the hiring and basic training process, USA's focus on ethics goes well beyond a bird's eye view during the orientation stage.

USA has recently developed an in-depth training module that delves into the nuances of ethics theory and real world application, as applied to personal and professional success. The training course, developed by USA's award-winning Security Academy, defines ethics, the realized benefits of ethical behavior and its applications, and common ethical "pitfalls" to avoid – along with practical tips for success on the job.

U.S. Security Associates' CEO and Co-Founder, Chuck Schneider, comments "Through a specialized ethics program, USA asks employees, 'You've heard the term 'Ethics' all of your life, but do you really know what it means? How do ethics apply to your personal and professional life?' The Ethics course supports and enhances our security officers' professional development on this critical topic and reiterates the importance our security company places on ethics. It also reinforces the message that unethical behavior - any behavior out of compliance with our Code of Ethics and Conduct - will not be tolerated."

Among other prevalent topics covered in the program, the course examines the mental processes and rationalizations associated with one of the most common ethical crimes, theft, and moral and legal ramifications to the thieves. The training clearly details USA's Anti-Harassment and Discrimination policies and introduces interactive ethical judgment scenarios that prompt the participant to reflect on the black, white and grey areas that can lead to impaired judgment regarding what is right or wrong in common contract security service job situations. The course also covers Cultural Diversity, emphasizing the necessity and benefits of a diverse society, as well as the importance of cultural sensitivity on the job.

The course concludes in a 25 question exam and is recommended to all employees of the company.


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