American Hospital Management Company (AHMC) Staff and International Hospital Network Celebrate Industry Leader's 15th Anniversary on the Global Stage

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Washington, DC, Feb. 20, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ( -- American Hospital Management Company (AHMC), formerly named Family Hospital Corporation until 2005, celebrates its 15th Anniversary today. The diversified healthcare system which established its first management contract at Hospital Matilde Brenes in Puerto Rico in 1998 is today one of the most experienced international hospital management companies in the world. AHMC's successful track record includes collaboration in nearly 40 hospitals and projects spanning 5 continents and 24 countries around the world. AHMC's hospital network consists of 29 hospital projects in various phases of development, among them 13 operational facilities totaling nearly 2,000 beds which it has either invested in or currently manages. Unique to AHMC is its experience in the management and development of world-class healthcare facilities that include private hospitals, Private-Public hospital Partnerships (PPP), and academic teaching hospitals.

A special event commemorating this milestone will be hosted at AHMC's Global Headquarters in Washington, D.C.AHMC's Corporate Executive and distinguished members of the international healthcare community have been invited to take part in the celebration. In the early years AHMC's initial geographic focus was in the Caribbean and Latin America. In recent years, however, its global geographic expansion has been fueled by the demand for its unique vision and management model based on American healthcare management fundamentals and practices which are perceived as the gold standard around the world. AHMC's management model takes the very best characteristics of American management practices and Joint Commission International (JCI) Standards and adapts them according to the varied and unique environment in which its client hospitals operate and delivers enhanced operational capabilities, quality, and profitability.

In the last 15 years AHMC has dedicated significant resources to strengthening its position in the global market and reinforce its expansion strategy. These include: Joint Ventures in India and Saudi Arabia, enhancing its operational capabilities, diversifying its scope of services, forging new accords, and establishing an office in the U.A.E. that will enable it to work in closer collaboration with clients and strategic partners in the region. AHMC's recent participation in Arab Health 2013 in Dubai demonstrated that the Middle East, Africa and the G.C.C. are an area of great opportunity for AHMC due to the demand for American healthcare expertise and AHMC's successful model that delivers access to high quality healthcare locally. The members of AHMC's Corporate Executive team not only participated during the week of Arab Health as members of the U.S. delegation but stayed in the region an extra week in order to meet with clients, prospects and strategic partners. The team attended the event's inaugural VIP Reception which was hosted by the U.S. Ambassador to the U.A.E.

"AHMC's corporate focus is to meet the global demand for world-class healthcare facilities that operate employing American hospital management fundamentals. These include, adhering to JCI standards and an emphasis on providing local communities accessible high quality care. This positions AHMC strategically for another 15 years of growth, success, and geographic expansion," said Ralph Foster II, AHMC's Vice President Corporate Development.


American Hospital Management Company (AHMC) , is a Washington, D.C., U.S.A. based diversified international healthcare system whose focus is on the administration, management, and development of world class hospitals and healthcare systems. Founded in 1998, AHMC has grown into the leading international hospital management and administration outsourcing company. AHMC provides integrated management services and total solutions tailored to the unique needs of hospitals and healthcare systems around the world. AHMC currently manages medical facilities and projects under development in various regions and countries of the world including: Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Ghana, Russia, Antigua & Barbuda, St. Kitts, Trinidad & Tobago, Colombia.

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