Zadara Storage Red Hat Enterprise Linux AMIs Now Available in AWS Marketplace

IRVINE, Calif., Feb. 20, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zadara™ Storage, the innovator in cloud block storage that brought Private Storage to the Cloud , announced today their Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)-based storage AMIs (Amazon Machine Images) are now available in the AWS Marketplace. The inclusion of the Zadara Red Hat AMIs in the AWS Marketplace makes Enterprise-class, Storage-as-a-Service a viable and attractive solution for Network Attached Storage (NAS) users and database users requiring shared storage. This advancement provides Native Red Hat Cluster Services with MySQL, and easy, preconfigured access to Enterprise-class NAS on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The Zadara Red Hat AMIs provide users the benefits of a pure cloud storage solution, plus the ease of implementation that comes with preconfigured images.

The Zadara AMIs, are available on-demand through AWS Marketplace, and can be seamlessly deployed within the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) environment. Customers can take advantage of the standard Red Hat images with the necessary standard packages and automation scripts for connecting to Zadara Virtual Private Storage Arrays™ (VPSAs™). The Zadara RHEL AMIs published includes NAS and Clustering: RHEL 6 ready for Zadara VPSA Cloud Block/File Storage, and RHEL 6 Cluster with MySQL. These Zadara Storage RHEL AMIs go beyond block-only storage and create a robust Enterprise storage solution delivering high availability, encryption, clustering, selectable RAID protection, full performance monitoring and tuning, pay-as-you-go, metering by the hour, performance isolation, and reliable performance.

"We are excited to have Zadara Storage offerings on AWS Marketplace, adding to our growing ecosystem of Red Hat Enterprise Linux partners," said Sajai Krishnan, General Manager, AWS Marketplace. "Zadara products used with AWS's highly scalable, secure and flexible platform provide AWS customers with NAS data storage functionality for their unstructured data needs, and clustering capabilities for their high-availability MySQL database storage needs."

The Zadara Storage RHEL AMIs were developed by Zadara with an off-the-shelf Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 distribution; a breakthrough that can radically simplify the process for using Enterprise-class cloud block storage and cloud file storage with RHEL on Amazon EC2, with available, renowned support from Red Hat.

Zadara's solution for cloud block storage and Red Hat AMIs for the AWS Marketplace offer next generation, Enterprise-class Storage-as-a-Service.

About Zadara™ Storage

An APN Technology Partner member of the AWS Partner Network and winner of Venturebeat, Under the Radar, and Plug and Play's cloud competitions, Zadara Storage offers Enterprise-class storage for the cloud. With Zadara Storage, cloud storage leapfrogs ahead to provide cloud servers with high-performance, fully configurable, highly available, fully private, tiered storage. By combining the best of Enterprise storage with the best of cloud and cloud block storage, Zadara Storage takes the cloud to the next level enabling Enterprises to migrate mission-critical applications to the Cloud. Discover the benefits of cloud without the compromise:

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