Axiom Management, Inc. to Affect Corporate Restructuring

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 20, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Axiom Management, Inc. OTC: AXMA ("the Company"), a publicly-held US-based company engaged in gold exploration and mining, announced today that it has acquired Norcal Gold, a privately-held Minnesota company with mining assets in California and mining opportunities in Nevada and California. The acquisition resulted in Norcal shareholders becoming the controlling shareholders of the Company. Additionally, the Company is proceeding with corporate restructuring its capitalization due to new business operations. The Company is in the process of affecting a 15 to 1 reverse split of its common stock. Additionally, the Company will effect a name change to Trans-Global Gold Corporation.

As a result of the foregoing, brothers Clint and Chad Mishlieu have been added to the Board of Directors. Regarding the acquisition and restructuring, Board Chairman Wayne Mower stated "The Company and its shareholders are very fortunate to have the opportunities in the mining industry through the work of Clint and Chad Mishlieu. They come from a three generation mining family and understand how to go from exploration to production. I am very excited about the energy and opportunities they bring to our company."

Following the Company's reverse split and currently planned additional acquisitions, the Company will have approximately thirty million common shares issued and outstanding. Additional specifics regarding these corporate changes will be part of subsequent public announcements.

About the Company:

Axiom Management, Inc. (OTC: AXMA) is a publicly-held US-based company engaged in gold exploration and mining.

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