FLM.TV's Pay-Per-View VOD Site for Indie Filmmakers, Festivals and Distributors Receives Third Round of Private Funding

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 21, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FLM.TV ™, the industry's newest pay-per-view VOD site that provides a free online video-streaming platform for indie filmmakers, festivals and distributors, announced that they have received a third round of funding from private investors.

FLM.TV is changing the way indie films are marketed and made available to viewers. The site will drive a new economy for indie filmmakers by providing social marketing, sales and distribution, while giving viewers control of what they want to see. FLM.TV is focused on key industry technologies to drive new IP for a Social TV Platform model and is positioned to become an industry-leading self-distribution site for uploading, distributing, monetizing and viewing of independent films.

"FLM.TV is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the growing trend of consumers moving to online streaming video and savvy investors are also recognizing the revenue opportunities in this industry," said Diane Bernard, President & Founder of FLM.TV. "We are focused on driving socially interactive programming for the indie film community and believe that this market will continue to see revenue growth with VOD companies like Hulu, Netflix, GoogleTV, Amazon Instant Video and AppleTV. This is clearly a winning combination and great opportunity for FLM.TV."

As content becomes easier and quicker to download, consumers are moving from DVDs to streaming films and television programs from the Internet. For example, Netflix, beating their own projections last month, announced record 27.15 million customers for their streaming service. And Hulu's revenues climbed 65% in 2012 alone.

About FLM.TV

FLM.TV is a privately funded company and the industry's newest pay-per-view VOD site. It provides an online video streaming platform for indie filmmakers, festivals and distributors to showcase their work to a worldwide viewing audience. The site was designed to provide free distribution service to filmmakers. Distribution is available for distributors and festivals for marketing and sales of FLM.TV's VOD services. To learn more please visit our Website at www.flm.tv.

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