Las Vegas Chiropractor Helps Runners Heal After Injury, Reduces Recovery Time

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 24, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Las Vegas chiropractor Dr. Benjamin S. Lurie uses chiropractic care to help runners heal following an injury and to improve their training success. According to Dr. Lurie, chiropractic care and physical rehabilitation exercises most often help speed the natural healing process, reducing recovery time and improving whole body health. Regular adjustments also reduce the risk for injuries, supporting a runner's training process.

Runners training for a race or who simply wish to avoid an injury could benefit greatly from adding chiropractic care to their training routine. Dr. Benjamin S. Lurie, a chiropractor and founder of Las Vegas Neck and Back Clinics says that holistic treatments, such as chiropractic adjustments, are important for natural healing and whole body health, especially when training for a competitive race.

"A whole body approach to care supports a natural approach to pain," says Dr. Lurie. "Rather than suffer chronic pain following an injury, chiropractic care helps address the underlying cause for injury, bringing balance back to the body."

A swelling of the foot, leg or other type of injury can prevent patients from effectively training for a 5K, half marathon or marathon. Dr. Lurie works with patients who are injured, restoring natural motion to the neck and supporting the healing process from within.

In addition to adjustments, injury patients may also incorporate physical therapy into the recovery process. These exercises can safely restore flexibility and coordination to the body, strengthening the muscle and protecting the spine.

"After a running injury, it's natural to feel frustrated by limited activity and range of motion," said Dr. Lurie. "For patients who are training for a big race or simply used to logging long distances every day, a sudden inability to run can be frustrating and overwhelming."

Dr. Lurie uses chiropractic care and physical rehabilitation exercises to address these movement limitations. Chiropractic adjustments address the underlying cause for injury while also supporting the natural healing process. Together with physical therapy exercises, adjustments help the body heal faster and reduce the risk for scar tissue.

"As a runner, the phrase 'scar tissue buildup' is one of the worst things that you can hear," said Dr. Lurie. "Scar tissue buildup around the knee or ankle can sideline a competitive running career and even force casual joggers to hang up their sneakers. With proper treatment, however, an accident injury does not have to mean the end of running."

Physical therapy exercises help to safely restore movement, build flexibility and recover strength.

Dr. Lurie is an experienced chiropractor who has treated over 4,000 patients for accident injuries and chronic pain. Currently, he oversees a team of 11 chiropractors and two physical therapists.

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