Don't Sweat It: Plastic Surgery & Dermatology Of NYC Offers Hyperhidrosis Treatment In New York So Patients Can Splash Carefree Into Summer


New York, NY, Feb. 25, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Elie Levine, M.D. and Jody Levine, M.D. of Plastic Surgery & Dermatology of NYC provide BOTOX® and laser therapy to treat excessive sweating, a condition known as hyperhidrosis. Excessive sweating can occur even without physical provocation, like exercising. Although heat, increased heart rate, and mood are triggers of excessive sweating in NY, those who suffer from hyperhidrosis may sweat constantly regardless of these conditions. Patients can finally experience either temporary or permanent relief from excessive sweating in time for rising spring and summer temperatures with these advanced hyperhidrosis treatments.

Worrying about hyperhidrosis can become time consuming and exhausting as patients debate clothing options, stain removers, perfumed antiperspirants, and constricted arm movements. Excessive sweating can even prevent people from shaking hands. At Plastic Surgery & Dermatology of NYC, "we offer a full range of options from temporary to permanent treatments all in our office," Dr. Elie Levine, Director of Plastic Surgery, informs. To temporarily stop excessive sweating, patients may want to consider BOTOX® in NYC, a non-surgical cosmetic injectable typically used to relax facial muscles.

Although BOTOX® is commonly utilized to provide patients with a more youthful appearance by smoothing wrinkles, BOTOX® also temporarily blocks the chemical signals between the nerves and the sweat glands when used during hyperhidrosis treatment. Excessive sweating will be significantly reduced within four weeks following this procedure. To maintain results, however, patients will need to schedule approximately one to two BOTOX® injections per year. Hyperhidrosis symptoms will eventually return to their original severity if treatment ceases.

Patients interested in a more permanent solution can opt for a minimally invasive option to eliminate excessive sweating with laser therapy for hyperhidrosis in New York. Dr. Elie Levine is, "better able to treat patients on a long term basis with our latest laser techniques all performed under local anesthesia with no downtime." These laser techniques utilize the advanced laser energy of SideLaze or the ultrasound energy of VASER® to destroy the eccrine glands which produce sweat. This procedure will permanently eliminate or significantly reduce sweating in targeted areas.

During laser treatment, Dr. Levine will create tiny incisions to give the laser access to the eccrine glands. Patients can return to their normal daily activities directly following treatment. Every patient's excessive sweating is individual; although most people suffering from hyperhidrosis report excessive sweating of the underarms, BOTOX®, "can be applied to sweaty feet, hands, and foreheads as well!" reports Dr. Levine. No matter the location hyperhidrosis presents itself, Dr. Elie and Dr. Jody Levine can treat that targeted area, reducing or eliminating excessive sweating to enhance patients' quality of life.

Excessive sweating can severely impact a person's life, from the clothes they wear, the events they choose to attend, and their ability to enjoy or perform well in social situations such as family gatherings, business meetings, and dates. Those who experience hyperhidrosis in New York may feel self-conscious and restricted by this condition, but according to Board-Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Elie Levine, hyperhidrosis treatment is, "quality of life-changing; patients can achieve greater comfort in social situations, increased activity, and increased confidence." After receiving hyperhidrosis treatment, patients can finally choose clothes and activities based on their wants rather than within the boundaries that excessive sweating confines them.

Regain a measure of cool confidence and comfort even as temperatures rise for the summer season! Whether patients choose BOTOX® or laser therapy for their hyperhidrosis treatment, they can rest assured that their big splash will only occur while poolside. Elie Levine, MD, Jody Levine, MD, and their staff look forward to discussing any questions patients may have about hyperhidrosis treatment in NYC, or any of the comprehensive cosmetic, medical, and surgical services they offer at Plastic Surgery & Dermatology of NYC. Patients may contact their New York City office at 212.988.1800, or request an appointment online for a personal consultation with either physician.

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Source: Plastic Surgery & Dermatology ofNYC, P.L.L.C.