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Chicago, Illinois, Feb. 26, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Finding the best allergy cure may be easier than you think. For years, chronic allergy sufferers made weekly trips to the allergist for injections. Despite the effectiveness of allergy shots, some patients aren't up for the time commitment and repeated arm pricks, opting for less effective over-the-counter allergy medication instead. Today, environmental allergies, hay fever, and even pet allergies can be "cured" with more patient-friendly and convenient immunotherapy. Dr. Brian Rotskoff of Chicago's Clarity Allergy Center is one of few Chicago allergists to offer highly successful allergy drops and cluster immunotherapy.

What is allergy immunotherapy?

Traditional allergy immunotherapy involves weekly injections of a custom-blended allergen mix. After in-office allergy testing, Dr. Rotskoff creates an antigen blend unique to the patient's sensitivities. The dosage is gradually increased over the course of treatment to build immunity. Patients become less reactive to their allergens over time, and within three to five years are essentially cured.

Should I choose allergy shots or allergy drops?

"I offer three types of allergy immunotherapy, each highly effective," explains Dr. Rotskoff, "Patients can choose the treatment format they prefer depending on their age, lifestyle, and availability." In addition to traditional allergy injections, Dr. Rotskoff can design an accelerated cluster immunotherapy program for faster relief. Allergy drops are an innovative way to deliver the same allergy-fighters, minus the shot.

  • Allergy shots

Traditional, weekly injections are administered over a period of three to five years.

  • Cluster immunotherapy

Initially, allergy shots are clustered into multiple two-hour sessions a week. After about a month, patients return only once per month for booster injections. With a little up-front time investment, allergy relief comes about three times faster than with traditional allergy shots.

  • Allergy drops

These pain-free, shot-free allergy drops aren't just great for kids. Busy adults also enjoy at-home treatment with allergy drops. Allergy drops are placed under the tongue at home each morning. The treatment cycle lasts about as long as traditional allergy shots, but with significantly fewer office visits.

Dr. Rotskoff works closely with patients--and the parents of young patients--to choose the most appropriate treatment plan. "Patient compliance is a big factor when it comes to allergy treatment success. I want to help patients find relief, and that means offering different protocols that work with busy lives," says Dr. Rotskoff. During the course of treatment, patients report a decreased need for over-the-counter allergy medication. Additionally, children who complete the treatment course are proven less likely to develop asthma, a breathing condition often triggered or worsened by allergies.

"I encourage allergy suffers to come in and learn how easy and affordable allergy relief really is," Dr. Rotskoff concludes. Clarity Allergy Center has three Chicagoland offices conveniently located near Arlington Heights and other nearby Chicago towns, including 60133, 60159, 60120, 60094, 60056, 60714, 60005., 1-773-877-3500

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