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GULFPORT, Miss., Feb. 26, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- American Truck Showrooms sees that currently there is a significant shortage of truckers. We need to move goods and the way they move is still very dependent on trucks. So, why the shortage of truckers with all of this demand? (

The "Owner-Operator" is the trucker who has his own truck or trucks and "leases on" or enters into a contract with a certificated trucking company (may be called a motor carrier or haul source). The motor carrier has the "authority", has purchased the insurance and obtains the loads that are to be delivered. The owner-operator provides the truck and the driver to deliver those loads. American Truck Showrooms and other dealers provide trucks to the owner-operators. (

One huge problem for the Owner-Operator is that they are finding it more and more difficult to keep their trucks running using their own mechanical abilities. Because of the increased technology that trucks and truck engines have today, there are multiple computers that only a trained technician can work with and only at a facility that has the analysis equipment. (

American Truck Showrooms' customers report that a favorite engine of the Owner-Operators had been the Caterpillar 3506B, a mechanical motor that was easily worked on. Caterpillar itself has bowed out of the Over The Road Truck Engine manufacturing, leaving 40 years of investment behind. (

The increased technology combined with the increased demand for better emissions control have made the engine and life much more complicated for a trucker. Complications equate to money when it comes to trucks and truck repairs. With most OEM dealerships charging well in excess of $100 per labor hour plus shop fees, environmental fees, and retail pricing on parts, the repair cost on a truck has skyrocketed. ( American Truck Showrooms has a much better rate as discussed below.

One expensive item that has become a part of life for a trucker is the Diesel Particulate Filter; otherwise known as a "DPF". Replacing a DPF filter has a cost of several thousands of dollars and it is now a routine replacement part for a truck. While helping to protect the environment, it has made it much more difficult for the independent owner-operator to make it. This is a concern to American Truck Showrooms as well as to the general consumer.

American Truck Showrooms Solution

American Truck Showrooms ( is a dealership with a solution for many Owner-Operators. They provide an in-house repair shop that is state of the art and for those in the American Truck Showrooms program, the cost savings are huge.

Located in both the Mississippi Gulf Coast and in the Atlanta area, American Truck Showrooms provides a convenient and logical solution.

The program they provide offers trucks for as low as $4,900 down and trucks makes offered include Volvo, Peterbilt, Kenworth, and Freightliners from 2006 to 2011 model years. The models offered are those that are most popular with owner-operators, so that they end up with a truck that is one that will perform and that they can be comfortable with and proud of. (

For those that join the program, ( they are also automatically eligible for a First Day Power Protection Plan that provides 30 day coverage for virtually any repair that might be required and it just has a $495 deductible. This plan as well as the below plan is available at both the Atlanta and Mississippi Gulf Coast dealerships and will expand to other dealerships as they are opened.

Beyond this plan, the trucker is provided a 48 month 50/50 Parts and Labor in our shop at only $49 per hour plus half off retail cost of parts. There is additional savings because the American Truck Showrooms ( shops do not charge shop supply fees or environmental fees.

These are some of the items that allow an Owner-Operator to continue as an independent business person and have the opportunity of fulfilling the American Dream.

American Truck Showrooms ( also makes it extremely simple for a trucker to qualify for its program. There is no credit check; they match down payments up to $4,900, they have a payment plan or 48 state IRP and 2290 costs; they waive truck payments while truck is in the shop for over 8 hours; they permit a buyout of the truck after one year with no penalty, and the program permits the tax write-off of 100% of the payments.

In short, American Truck Showrooms has designed its business around the Owner-Operator and the belief that they should continue to be a key part of American transportation.

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