Koupon Media Digital Campaign Management Platform Supports Toshiba SurePOS Ace for 4690 Operating System

Frisco, TX, Feb. 27, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Koupon Media, B2B Digital Campaign Management (DCM) platform provider, announced tight integration support for the Toshiba SurePOS Ace for 4690 Operating System (OS), giving grocery chains the ability to redeem mobile coupons quickly and securely. This integrated solution gives grocery chains the ability to deploy Koupon Media's DCM platform, giving shoppers an easy way to redeem manufacturer coupons directly from their mobile devices, free of paper and magnetic stripe cards.

The "plug-in" that Koupon Media developed for the Toshiba SurePOS Ace for 4690 OS acts as an authorization interface to Koupon Media's network and DCM platform. The cloud-based platform was designed to help retailers and brands create, measure, redeem, and settle digital coupons. The DCM injects intelligence in coupon distribution through robust campaign technology features such as geo-targeting, segmentation, risk management, and real-time settlement and reporting.

"Grocers, large and small, want mobile offers and coupons that integrate seamlessly into their existing POS. The widely implemented Toshiba SurePOS is the one we chose to integrate with first," said Koupon Media's VP of product strategy, Tim Riley. "Offering a flexible platform, we offer customers a white-label mobile application coupled with our robust, back-end platform to deliver an elegant and efficient user experience."

The Koupon Media DCM platform with POS "plug-in" provides:

· Integration with Toshiba SurePOS Ace for 4690 OS

· Campaign management and coupon intelligence

· Koupon Media network powered by leading brands and manufactures

· Clearing and financial settlement services

· White-label iOS & Android application

The combination of these services allows retailers to deploy mobile offers programs quickly and without significant reliance on IT resources.

"Many grocers still struggle to offer a mobile solution, given the time and money it takes them to deploy. We have experience with many types of customers--large and small--with varying needs, helping create mobile solutions that work well within the systems already in place, while greatly minimizing time to market," added Riley.

Koupon Media is powering national mobile offers and coupon programs with well-known retailers and brands, including deployed mobile apps, SMS, social, and web apps.

About Koupon Media
Koupon Media provides an innovative Digital Campaign Management (DCM) platform for progressive retailers and brands wanting to unify the creation, distribution, redemption, and analysis of digital coupons and loyalty programs. The company's cloud-based B2B solution solves problems that plague today's fraud-filled and broken coupon and promotions market, and helps brand managers customize offers and increase visibility into consumer buying behavior. Delivered via mobile applications, SMS, web applications, social media, email, and Apple Passbook, Koupon Media's patented technology deploys single-use coupons to eliminate fraud from the fulfillment process. Founded by mobile entrepreneurs T.J. Person and Scott Hutchinson, Koupon Media is funded by DFJ Mercury, Trailblazer Capital, and Matthew Pritzker Company.Koupon Media is headquartered in Frisco, TX with offices in Chicago, IL and Mexico.

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Source: Koupon Media