We Want Your Questions for Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett
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Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett will be live with Becky Quick for all three hours of CNBC's Squawk Box this coming Monday morning and we want to know what you would ask him.

Send us your questions by email to AskWarren@cnbc.com or by Twitter with the hashtag #askwarren.

We'll use some of them when the Berkshire Hathaway chairman makes his sixth annual "Ask Warren" appearance starting at 6 am ET on Monday, March 4.

Becky will also be asking him about his annual letter to Berkshire shareholders, due to be released on Friday after the U.S. stock markets close, along with the company's Q4 and 2012 financial results.

During last year's "Ask Warren," Buffett generated headlines when he said he'd buy up "a couple hundred thousand" single family homes if it were practical to do so.