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GULFPORT, Miss., Feb. 27, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- American Truck Showrooms ( is a truck dealership with a very different twist and they are now opening a new location in the Atlanta area.

Specializing in late model trucks, including Peterbilt, Freightliner, Kenworth, and Volvo, American Truck Showrooms offers the same trucks as you may find at traditional dealerships but they do a huge amount of business because they work with the mind of the trucker. (

Truck Drivers can be company drivers, working for somebody else and as such they collect a paycheck. They take none of the risk but also receive none of the reward. Their future is tied to the future of that company and the work they do is the work they are provided by that company.

The Owner-Operator is a trucker who owns his/her own business and owns his/her own trucks. They typically drive the truck themselves, although some do have several trucks and themselves employ other employee drivers.

American Truck Showrooms ( points out that the large trucking companies with hundreds and even thousands of trucks are dominating the landscape. Some are public companies that are able to raise money through stock offerings; others are large privately held companies that have many fund raising options open from traditional banks to investment banks to private equity funds and pension funds. They operate in the world of many zeros; Millions of Dollars of revenue and more.

The Owner-Operator contracts with these large companies but still run their own business and maintain their independence. They are free to contract with any company they wish. But, they do run into challenges. A huge challenge that they encounter is raising the funds to purchase a truck. With new over the road tractors running over $100,000 and late model used tractors still being $50,000 up to $70,000 and more, it is a large loan for a small business to obtain. The local banker tends to hide from this type of loan. The truck is a "rolling asset"; it is not a piece of property that the banker can easily check on. The truck travels 48 states and may well go beyond that, with the bank being ill prepared to recover the asset should the loan go into default. Even with excellent credit, it is difficult to obtain the financing for a truck; with less than good credit, most truckers are only left with the option of paying cash for a very old truck or working as an employee driver. (

American Truck Showrooms ( has developed a program where the owner-operator can obtain a truck through its rental with an option to purchase. In this way the trucker gets to run the truck and run his own business just as though he actually held the title in his name. At the end of the contract term he can take title to the truck and at that point is the direct owner with no debt, just as though he had financed a truck and paid it off over time.

American Truck Showrooms ( "no credit, no problem" program has truly caught the attention of the individual truck driver and created a large demand for their trucks.

Until recently they have only operated in the Gulf Coast area, but with having obtained significant additional lines of credit, they are now able to expand to the Atlanta area and even beyond.

The Atlanta Showroom is located in Newnan, just off of I-85. This location keeps the dealership close to both the interstate and the Atlanta airport. The company has found that many of its customers prefer to fly in and then drive their new trucks out from the dealership. With the Atlanta airport being the major hub in the southern U.S., this will allow most customers to fly in non-stop at a low cost.

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