Genesis Global Radio is Proud to Present Registered Dietitian Deane Peck

NEW YORK, NY, Feb. 28, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tonight, tune in to hear our guest, Registered Dietitian Deane Peck, share her expertise on the treatment and prevention of childhood obesity from 6:00pm PST - 7:00pm PST.

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Registered Dietitian Deane Peck Dishes Out the Skinny on Childhood Obesity Prevention

Portion size matters! Registered dietitian Deane Peck, CEO and founder of Weight 2 Go LLC, is passionate about the health and wellness of children, especially when it comes to the treatment and prevention of child and adolescent obesity. With more than eleven years s of clinical and research experience in the field of child and adolescent obesity, Ms. Peck has developed educational and behavioral interventions to decrease childhood obesity, and her efforts have changed the lives of countless children. Her "Portion Size Matters" Portion Plate is one such tool.

With childhood obesity reaching epidemic proportions nationwide, instilling healthy eating habits is ever more pertinent for the health and wellness of our children. Childhood obesity knows no bounds, affecting every socio-economic class, race and gender. What's more, childhood obesity usually carries along comorbidities such as Type 2 diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea and high blood pressure. The problem of childhood obesity will only accelerate with time, and the solution will only work if the intervention is fun, user-friendly and educational.

"Portion Size Matters" Portion Plates dish out the solution to childhood obesity!

Teach your child to eat healthy with "Portion Size Matters" Portion Plates! Fun and easy to use, these plates reinforce healthy portion sizes and promote healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime! Divided into five sections and labeled for each food group, "Portion Size Matters" Portion Plates are designed to hold the exact volume of food for each respective portion. Available in four bright colors, these plates are dishwasher safe and BPA free!

In developing "Portion Size Matters" Portion Plates, Ms. Peck has given children the opportunity to take control of their health, and to do so independently! As an interactive hands-on approach to learning healthy eating habits, "Portion Size Matters" Portion Plates allow children of any age to serve themselves American Dietetic Association recommended serving sizes from all food groups. "Portion Size Matters" Portion Plates are labeled for: fruits and vegetables; lean protein; whole grain pasta, breads and cereals; milk and dairy; and fats--with the correct portion measurements labeled inside each section.

Are you ready to serve up some fun? Purchase "Portion Size Matters" Portion Plates today!

To purchase "Portion Size Matters" Portion Plates or to learn more about instilling healthy eating habits in children, please visit

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