Global Geophysical Services, Inc. Announces the Completion of Phase One of the Multi Client Project, Parnaiba InSight(TM) 2D and Initiation of Phase II

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RIO DE JANEIRO, Feb. 28, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global Geophysical Services, Inc. (NYSE:GGS) has completed the first phase of its Multi Client program, the Parnaiba InSightTM 2D project in northeast Brazil. This 2D seismic program is the foundation of a basin-scale geoscience study designed to provide an integrated geologic and geophysical understanding of the Parnaiba Basin. The Deep Crustal InSight line, which crosses the entire basin in an east-west direction, is 1,430 kms in length and has revealed details not previously seen in seismic data. Additionally, three well tie lines (454 kms) have been acquired in the existing blocks that provide detailed images of the sedimentary components of the basin as well as the Proterozoic basement.

Global has begun Phase II, an additional 500 kms, in the new blocks recently announced in National Petroleum Authority's (ANP) 11th Licensing Round. Data will be acquired and processed to allow interested parties to evaluate the areas prior to the round's closing date.

Global's AutoSeis® High Definition Recorder (HDR) 32-bit technology was used to acquire this program, which features ultra-long offsets and record lengths along the central Deep Crustal InSight line designed for ultra-deep imaging of the crust and upper lithosphere within the basin. Data processing has been performed using Global's pre-stack time and pre-stack depth imaging methodologies, with a specific emphasis on robust imaging of both the deep basement structure and the overlying sedimentary formations.

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