MEDport's(R) Fit & Fresh(R) Brand Epitomizes Healthy Eating on the Go

CHICAGO, March 2, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- So what is Fit & Fresh® all about? Is it a lifestyle? Is it a brand? It is both. Fit & Fresh is a brand and company that is hyper-focused on providing great solutions for healthy eating on the go – so consumers can stay fit by taking fresh food along with them at any time. Whether a consumer is bringing their lunch to work, school, or transporting their signature dish to a party, they can rely on Fit & Fresh to provide smart choices that support a healthy lifestyle. Fit & Fresh is also concerned with keeping food at the correct temperature, as well as organized, with features such as clip-in ice packs, insulated carriers, leak-proof closures, and stackable snap-together lids and bases. And when a consumer packs their own food in reusable containers, they do their part for the environment and put savings back in their wallet, too!

Fit & Fresh has five core categories in their lineup that include solutions for work, school, entertaining, healthy living, and baby and toddler. For work and school, the focus is on providing lunch bags and containers that are smart, fashionable, reusable, recyclable and functional. 57 million adults and children take their lunch to work and school. From the upgraded fashion and materials on the bags, to the superior insulation and included ice packs, Fit & Fresh makes the task of taking a healthy lunch on the go an easy, convenient, and environmentally friendly one. They are the leader in the kids' lunch container market with over 1.5 million lunch products being used by parents to pack a better lunch for their children. For adults, Fit & Fresh allows for healthy living and eating via their best-selling products such as the Salad Shaker and Lunch on the Go Set, and convenient container measurement markings.

MEDport's healthy living (Fit & Healthy®), baby and toddler (Fresh Starts®) and new Jaxx™ Shaker Bottles round out an impressive grouping of products for babies, children, adults, and parents. The new Jaxx line especially, offers a versatile shaker bottle with patented "jack" agitator for protein shakes, flavored water mixes, weight loss supplements, baby formula, pancake mix, eggs and more. And also new for 2013, they are expanding upon their entertaining platform with a new line of insulated wine bags. Great for hostess gifts or safely transporting wine at the correctly chilled temperature, the new wine bags are stylish, functional, and come in single and double bottle options.

"We care about providing great solutions for healthy eating on the go and serve as the market leader with over 200 unique items," states Larry Wesson, President and CEO of MEDport, LLC. "Many people have time constraints, as well as dietary considerations such as food allergies, gluten intolerances or diabetes. Our product offerings run the gamut from healthy eating to being eco-friendly; we solely focus on creating products that put the control back in the hands of consumers who want to eat nourishing foods, know their ingredients, save money, and are concerned with using reusable and recyclable products that brings their healthy living mindset full circle."

ABOUT MEDport and Fit & Fresh®

MEDport markets products in the preparation, organization and transportation of food under the Fit & Fresh®, Jaxx™ and Fresh Starts™ brand names. Fit & Fresh is a lifestyle brand for people who enjoy taking food with them to work, school or play. With a focus on fresh and healthy eating, Fit & Fresh provides smart solutions that are easy to use while exceeding expectations. Through a combination of function, fashion and fun, the company strives to provide babies, children and adults with the right "lunchbox tools" for active and healthy lifestyles. Many of the products come with removable ice packs to keep the food cool. Fit & Fresh is sold in leading mass, department, drug, grocery, independent and chain retailers across the country, as well as on their own website. MEDport is also an innovative health and medical design and manufacturing company. Headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island, MEDport continues to define new categories of products ranging from healthy living via lunch and food portability solutions to medical devices - all formulated to help make it easier for people to lead healthy lives. Learn more by visiting their website, or by calling 1-800-421-1223.

CONTACT: Cynthia Barlow 401-273-0444 x742 Vice President, Marketing MEDport, LLC. cbarlow@medportllc.comSource: MEDport