Nashville Chiropractor Uses Facebook to Help Patients Achieve New Year's Resolutions

NASHVILLE, Tenn., March 3, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Power Chiropractic & Wellness in Nashville, TN is using social media to educate patients about the importance of proactive wellness care. With many patients focused on losing weight and adopting a healthier lifestyle in 2013, Nashville chiropractor Dr. Myles Crawford uses Facebook to share nutrition tips, wellness news, and keep patients motivated. By proactively using Facebook to enhance patient communications, Dr. Crawford hopes to keep patients empowered and focused on achieving their New Year's resolution goals.

Could social media service like Facebook help chiropractic patients lose weight and get in shape? "Absolutely," says Dr. Myles Crawford, a Nashville chiropractor who is using Facebook to make a difference for his patients' health.

"With the new year, many patients are committed to making lifestyle change like losing weight, exercising or adopting healthier eating habits," says chiropractor Dr. Crawford. "By using social media tools like Facebook, we are staying in touch with clients on a regular basis and helping them stay focused on achieving their resolutions."

For example, the practice recently posted an article on eleven so-called "health foods" that are actually unhealthy and should be cut from the diet.

"Many so-called diet foods are hiding added sugars, sodium and fat sources," said Dr. Crawford. "Granola, for example, is synonymous with health eating, when in reality, certain brands can be packed with unnecessary calories, fat and sugars. By sharing health articles on Facebook, we are able to communicate this important information to our patients."

Dr. Crawford emphasized that Facebook and other social media services are an effective way to stay in touch with his patients, no matter how busy their daily schedules get. A short posting on Facebook strengthens communication, especially if the chiropractor may only see a patient in person once or twice a month.

"At Power Chiropractic & Wellness, our goal is to not only help patients naturally manage pain, but also to enhance all aspects of their well-being," said Dr. Crawford. "Our care encompasses whole body health. Now, using Facebook, even if we do not see patients on a regular basis, we can still stay in close contact."

The practice's Facebook page is uniting a diverse community of patients together in support of a common goal: enhanced wellness. Dr. Crawford says that creating this supportive community is one of the greatest benefits offered by social media.

"Whether it's a patient sharing their goals for 2013 or greatest health accomplishments in 2012, Facebook helps build a strong online community that's empowered for success," said Dr. Crawford. "Our community is enthusiastic and passionate about wellness care. This added accountability helps keep each community member committed to achieving their goals."

In addition to healthy eating and weight loss, the practice also provides headache and back pain management, car accident injury rehabilitation, and massage therapy.

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