Tune in to Genesis Global Radio Tonight to Hear Guests Judy Dean, David S. Britton and Kimberly Berg

NEW YORK, NY, March 4, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tonight, tune in to hear our guests, Judy Dean, David S. Britton and Kimberly Berg, share their expertise on hypnosis, theology and the pre-history of women's culture. Show times are as follows:

Monday, March 4th:

Judy Dean from 6:00pm PST - 6:30pm PST

David S. Britton from 6:30pm PST - 6:45pm PST

Kimberly Berg from 6:45pm PST - 7:00pm PST

All shows can be listened by visiting this link: http://crntalk.com and then clicking on the play button next to CRN 2.



Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and Professional Consulting Hypnotist Judy Dean Revels the Path to Personal Empowerment

Hypnotize your way to a better you! Judy Dean, registered nurse, medical hypnotherapist, life coach, Reiki master and board certified massage therapist, has blazed a path to wellness and invites you to join her on the journey. Owner and operator of The Spirit Within Massage & Hypnosis located in LaPorte, Indiana, Ms. Dean is dedicated to forging holistic pathways to wellness. Her wellness center offers hypnosis, massage therapy, Reiki treatments and spa services to cleanse and detoxify the body from the inside out! Combining her skills in traditional and holistic methods, Ms. Dean utilizes hypnosis as a means to assist her clients in taking control of their lives, and her approach has helped countless individuals find inner peace and personal empowerment.

Ms. Dean describes hypnosis as a heightened state of deep relaxation that opens the subconscious mind, making the client receptive to suggestions that focus on their goals. Using specific language, Ms. Dean guides her clients to address the blockages to their growth and to accept change as a viable solution. Throughout hypnosis, clients remain aware of their surroundings and always in control. In this way, hypnosis promotes inner healing and leads to outer change--and all without any risks or side-effects!

Offering hypnosis treatments both in-house, over the phone and through Skype, Ms. Dean has broken the barrier to this powerful therapy and made its rewards available to anyone willing to give it a try.

Be wise! Get hypnotized! Call Judy Dean today and begin your journey to a better you!

Judy Dean may be contacted as follows:

By Phone: 219-326-1380

By Email: jldrnc@comcast.net or hypnosiscalling@gmail.com

To learn more about hypnosis or to schedule an appointment at The Spirit Within Massage & Hypnosis, please visit: www.spiritwithinmassage-hypnosis.com



Theologian David S. Britton Presents the Human Side of Jesus in New Book, Shadow of the Cross

David S. Britton has written a novel that explores Jesus in a whole new light. Based on Britton's interpretation of the gospel of Mark, Shadow of the Cross focuses on the human challenges that Jesus faced and presents the reader with a new understanding that has escaped public knowledge--until now. Readers identify with Jesus as a man battling doubt and confusion and embrace his acceptance of being a part of something greater than he fully understands.

Shadow of the Cross is built upon a lifetime of study in Christian Theology. David S. Britton graduated cum laude in 1968 with a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Theology from Durham University. He went on to receive a Master of Arts in Education from the same prestigious institution and in both Philosophy and Comparative Religion & Ethics from Lancaster University. He is an ordained Church of England priest as declared by Salisbury University and teaches religious education in London.

Mr. Britton describes Shadow of the Cross as a re-interpretation of the gospel that contains a hidden truth. Written from memory rather than direct research of the gospel, Shadow of the Cross offers a fresh perspective on the life of Jesus Christ and directs the reader onto new paths of enlightenment. Begin your journey today!

To purchase Shadow of the Cross, please visit: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Shadow-Cross-David-S-Britton/dp/1909039713/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1361477137&sr=1-1

David S. Britton is pleased to announce an upcoming special on Genesis Global Radio discussing his new book series, The Utorian Wars Sequence, written in conjunction with Ezechi Britton. This three part series includes the following titles: Invasion, Uruk's War and The Three Hundred.

For more information on David S. Britton, or to contact him, please visit: http://davidsbritton.com



Artist Rejects Patriarchal Society and Empowers Woman to Forge New Pathway

Kimberly Berg has awakened the ancient goddess! A male feminist artist, Berg's work challenges the patriarchal system that has evolved to dominate our world by exposing it as a system that is not only unworkable and unsustainable, but also unjust. Guided by the prehistoric record, which shows evidence that pre-patriarchal Neolithic societies respected and honored their women, Berg believes that we are approaching the tipping point of patriarchal dominance as women gain the confidence to reclaim their inherent birthright. And just to be sure a feminist transformation is underway, Berg has heaved the final stones necessary to tip the scale by launching a campaign to educate the public on the history of women's culture and the factors that led to its unfortunate subjugation.

Berg has recently unveiled The Legacy of the Goddess, a power point presentation which outlines the forgotten pre-history of women's culture and highlights the revered role of woman in Neolithic societies. By bringing his message to classrooms and community centers across the country, Berg hopes to restore the female voice so that she may dance once again into the wind.

Kimberly Berg holds a Bachelor of Science in History from the University of Wisconsin, with a concentration in Ancient History. He lives a self-sustaining life of voluntary simplicity in a Thoreau-like cabin, surrounded by the trees and wildlife of the Adirondack Mountains. Without electricity and with only a wood burning stove for heat in this sometimes harsh climate, Berg has forged an essential pact with nature and has learned to respect and appreciate the elements of his lifestyle that have become extinct in modern society. His interest in women's advocacy was sparked by a book written by Layne Redmond entitled When Drummers Were Women, which opened his eyes to the historical decline in women's stature and the urgent necessity that both genders work together to restore equality for the greater good of humanity.

Join Kimberly Berg in his quest to awaken the ancient goddess. To learn more, please visit: http://www.isisrising.net

For speaking engagements, please contact Kimberly Berg at kdegas@artlover.com.


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