New Trend Gets Thumbs Up from Warren Buffett & Jim Cramer

During an interview with CNBC, Warren Buffett spoke about a subject that's near and dear to Jim Cramer's heart.

That is, using natural gas as a fuel for surface vehicles.

"Buffett's Berkshire-Hathaway owns a railroad, Burlington Northern, and he started off talking about natural gas powered trains," Cramer said. "Buffett is telling us that Berkshire is spending real money on nat gas fueled locomotives—that's a big deal."

It's an idea that Jim Cramer has been advocating for quite some time.

"It's as if he's fully endorsing the idea that I've been pushing for ages. He agrees that natural gas is so abundant in this country and so darned inexpensive, it would be nuts not to at least think about converting your vehicles to run on this cheaper, cleaner fuel," Cramer said

"When Warren Buffett speaks, we listen. When he says this transition is real, we take him seriously."

And that begs the question - how do you play it, now?

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Although your knee jerk reaction might be to buy Westport Innovations, the company that makes natural gas powered locomotive engines, or Clean Energy, the natural gas fueling station company, Cramer doesn't think they are the best bets.

Long-term both may have potential but, "Those plays have some short-term issues and I don't necessarily want to own their stocks right here."

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Instead, Cramer's play is Chart Industries. (TICKER: GTLS).

"They make precision-engineered cryogenic equipment, which is used to convert natural gas into liquefied natural gas," Cramer explained. "Chart also sells the storage tanks needed to transport liquefied natural gas, and the engine tanks that hold LNG for heavy-duty truck that run on the stuff."

And it's not just a domestic play - the company can also benefit from its exposure to China.

"China is dramatically ratcheting up its use of natural gas, and they're even building out infrastructure to start replacing diesel with nat gas as a transportation fuel," he said. That has the potential to be big.

Now the company is not a pure play – and that's exactly what Cramer likes about it.

"The company has a host of other non-natural gas related businesses as well," Cramer explained. "Chart uses its freezing expertise to deal with industrial gases, and they have a biomedical division where they make liquid oxygen therapy systems," he said.

In other words, because Chart Industries can generate profits from a range of different scenarios, Cramer prefers it over rivals.

"When I look to trade a trend in its infancy, Cramer explained, "I prefer a company like Chart Industries." That is, one which provides exposure to the new theme while still providing the relative security of more established operations.

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