Coco Libre Launches Protein + Coconut Water Line at Expo West 2013 in Anaheim

PALO ALTO, Calif., March 5, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Coco Libre, an emerging leader and innovator in certified organic coconut water, will present its new line - Coco Libre Protein - at this Spring's Expo West, March 8-10, 2013, at booth # 5794. Starting with organic coconut water, Coco Libre combines whey and milk protein isolate, creating the optimum protein blend, and uses ingredients including Dutch cocoa, Madagascar vanilla, and real coffee. With 20 grams of protein and no added sugar, Coco Libre Protein is low in fat, high in calcium, contains 22 vitamins & minerals, delivers four electrolytes, and is only 140 calories per bottle.

"After hearing that many of our consumers were eating an egg along with drinking a bottle of Coco Libre or adding a scoop of protein to our coconut water to make their own protein shake, we decided to create our own all-in-one source of protein and refreshment," says Mark Shaw, founder of Maverick Brands. "Our new Coco Libre Protein is convenient and delivers the protein consumers want with half the calories of the leading protein beverages and with a lot more benefits. Plus, we use great tasting wholesome ingredients you can actually pronounce. So, whether you're a professional athlete or an average active person, you can stay hydrated and get your protein too."

All four flavors are available in 11oz PET bottles, have no added sugar, contain only 140 calories per bottle, and are made from organic coconut water and natural ingredients. Each bottle has as much protein as three eggs, as much calcium as two cups of milk, as much potassium as one banana, as much magnesium as one cup of broccoli, 22 vitamins & minerals, and four electrolytes. They are also low in fat, cholesterol, lactose, and gluten-free. Available in four mouthwatering flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee, & Almond. Why drink anything else?

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About Coco Libre:

Founded in 2010 by Mark Shaw, Coco Libre was the first certified organic bottled coconut water and is sourced from young green coconuts grown without pesticides. Coco Libre is available in 2 flavors, original and pineapple. Both flavors are available in 11oz PET bottles and in 1 Liter Tetra Paks. The Coco Libre + Chia line launched 4 flavors in 2012: Blackberry Pomegranate, Cherry Apple, Strawberry Kiwi, and Raspberry Lemonade. All four flavors are available in 9.5 oz glass bottles and are certified organic. Coco Libre Protein will launch at this year's Expo West in Anaheim and is available in 11oz PET bottles. Coco Libre Protein is available in four mouthwatering flavors: Almond, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Coffee. All three lines are available at fine retailers across the US and in Canada.

For more information, product photos, or for assistance during the show, please contact Alicia Corbett Davis:

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Source: Maverick Brands - Coco Libre