SGI Launches New RAID Storage Platform for Big Data and HPC Workloads

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SGI® InfiniteStorage 5600 Breaks New Ground in Performance, Efficiency and Reliability

FREMONT, Calif., March 6, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SGI (Nasdaq:SGI), the trusted leader in technical computing, today announced the introduction of SGI® InfiniteStorage™ 5600, a next-generation high-performance storage platform perfectly suited for high performance computing (HPC) and Big Data workloads. Leveraging field-proven modular architecture, the SGI InfiniteStorage 5600 (IS5600) delivers industry-leading performance per spindle1, meaning customers can achieve extreme performance requirements while reducing their total investment in hardware.

Building on the SGI InfiniteStorage 5000-series modular architecture, the new IS5600 controller adds significantly increased performance. The architecture is also flexible, such that customers can tune the systems to their specific performance and capacity requirements. In data-intensive industries such as manufacturing, media, life sciences and earth sciences, such performance and efficiency are key requirements that the IS5600 is designed to satisfy.

"SGI customers are constantly pushing the edge of performance requirements for storage arrays," said Bill Mannel, vice president of product marketing at SGI. "The flexibility of the IS5600 platform and the choices it offers enable these users to push the limit without breaking their budget."

Storage platforms in today's IT environments need to reliably house data and have the modular flexibility and performance choices to tightly match application and solutions needs. To enable the maximum flexibility for a wide range of applications, the IS5600 can intermix multiple drive types and enclosure densities, ranging from 4TB high capacity drives to extreme performance SSDs, in a single, scalable system. The result is a storage infrastructure that provides significantly increased density, more bandwidth and best-in-class performance efficiency.

The SGI InfiniteStorage 5600 has produced a new SPC-2 Result2 with the highest throughput per spindle -- 2.5 times over the nearest competitive published result3. This result confirms the performance and cost-efficiency of the new platform, and showcases the performance possibilities that the IS5600 unlocks for HPC and Big Data organizations.

IS5600 is available in three enclosure densities including 12, 24 and a maximum 4U 60-drive high-density enclosure. Each enclosure can house dual controllers, or can be configured as an expansion unit to mix and match 2.5" and 3.5" drives in a variety of performance and capacity choices for SSD, 15K SAS, 10K SAS and near-line SAS. With support for Self Encrypting Drives and the T10-PI data integrity standard, the IS5600 is ready for any storage challenge.


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For more information on the SPC-2 benchmark result, please visit the results pages on:

1 "throughput per spindle" is defined by SGI as SPC-2 MBPS divided by the number of storage devices in the SPC-2 configuration.

2 SPC-2 benchmark results:

3 SGI nearest competitive published result and comparisons:

Results with SPC "Accepted" status as of January 2011 and priced under $500,000".

Date current as of March 1, 2013.

Tested Storage Product SPC-2 MBPS / Spindle * SPC-2 MBPS™ Number of Spindles
B00065 - SGI InfiniteStorage 5600 73.80 8,855.70 120
B00058 - Sun ZFS Storage 7420 27.87 10,703.69 384
B00052 - IBM Storwize V7000 26.11 3,132.87 120
B00055 - Fujitsu ETERNUS DX80 S2 22.57 2,685.50 119
B00057 - Fujitsu ETERNUS DX440 S2 19.96 5,768.04 289

*SPC-2 MBPS/Spindle as computed by NetApp = (SPC-2 MBPS / # of spindles in TSP)

Source: SGI