Master Life Coach Steve Fagan Propels Coaching Industry to the Forefront of Personal and Business Goal Solutions

NEW YORK, NY, March 6, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Unleash your ambitions and start reaching your goals! Steve Fagan, CEO of Fagan and Associates, Inc., has revolutionized the life coaching industry by developing a professional network of certified coaches who are both qualified and dedicated to guiding their clients toward finding and fulfilling their "magnificent obsession" or key focus. Fagan and Associates, Inc. is a certified life coaching and training organization specializing in personal and business coaching as well as coach certification. A pioneer in the life coaching industry, Coach Fagan has established a standard for professionalism and has pushed life coaching to the tipping point of global commerce.

True to the company's philosophy that the right to prosper and live happily belongs to us all, Coach Fagan strives to identify the blockages that stifle success and seeks to nurture the dreams that drive ambition. As a master trainer, he teaches his students that a good coach never gives advice, but rather learns to ask the right questions so that the client can find the answers within themselves. This facilitation opens the imagination, releases ambition and validates goals, allowing the client to hone in on their magnificent obsession. Determined to raise his teachability index, Coach Fagan sees a life coach himself, a sharpening of skills that keeps him at the apex of the industry. Humble yet witty, Coach Fagan inspires his students to coach with integrity, and his leadership is second to none.

Coach Fagan has discovered his own magnificent obsession and is working toward his dream of building a life coaching empire! His dedication culminated in the establishment of Fagan and Associates, Inc., which has since succeeded in transforming life coaching into a professional and respected industry---for ALL dreams to take flight! Discover your passion, unlock your dreams and find the magnificent obsession within you! Whether in your personal life or in your career, Fagan and Associates, Inc. is committed to helping you identify that key focus and will develop a blueprint to get you there!

Find your magnificent obsession. Call Coach Fagan today.

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