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CHICO, Calif., March 6, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Drivers fleeing from the police have become a regular feature for local and national news outlets. However, police officers receive little recognition when they apprehend known flight risks without the chase.

PursuitSAFETY, a national nonprofit organization, corrects this oversight every year with its Safer Way Award®. Submit online nominations for the third annual PursuitSAFETY Safer Way Award® by March 31, 2013. For guidelines and the online nomination form, visit this webpage:

Rather than engaging in vehicular pursuits, officers have used innovative techniques, a network of communication systems, and good detective work to apprehend and arrest offenders for a variety of offenses. These offenses have included shoplifting, property crimes, traffic violations, and unauthorized use of a vehicle owned by a family member or friend.

Officers save the lives of civilians, other police officers, and themselves when they implement safer ways to apprehend these offenders.

In the past, PursuitSAFETY presented the Safer Way Award® to officers who used good detective work to apprehend suspected thieves known for fleeing from the police. The organization also gave a commendation to officers who captured a suspect involved in a shooting after they received registration information regarding the offender's vehicle. In situations such as these, the officers not only apprehended the suspects without a chase, but they brought the offenders to justice, making sure they received the appropriate sentence for their crime.

The 2013 PursuitSAFETY Safer Way Award® will recognize officers and law enforcement agencies that use innovative ways to avoid pursuits and still bring about the apprehension of these suspects. This award program also focuses attention on the need for life-saving pursuit policies and even more effective officer training.

IACP Highway Safety Committee

The Highway Safety Committee of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) will judge the nominees based on achievements prior to and through the year 2012. The winning agency will receive the third annual PursuitSAFETY Safer Way Award® during the Highway Safety Awards Breakfast at the 120th annual IACP Conference and Exposition in October 2013.

PursuitSAFETY's spokesperson and actor, Glenn Morshower says, "Everyone walks away from chase scenes in movies; but in real life, drivers fleeing police kill innocent bystanders and injure thousands of others annually right here in the United States alone." Please watch this public service announcement on YouTube:

PursuitSAFETY has received recognition for calling attention to this serious public safety issue and by being an advocate for the innocent, their bereaved families, and injured innocent bystanders. PursuitSAFETY's board members support law-abiding citizens and police officers.

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PursuitSAFETY is the sole national nonprofit organization committed to preventing the tragedy of vehicular police pursuit from happening to innocent bystanders and police officers. We exist to save lives. Learn more by contacting Candy Priano, founder and executive director, at 530-343-9754 or or visit

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