Pound Jumps, Bond Auction Lifts the Euro


A successful Spanish bond auction lifted the euro ahead of the European Central Bank interest-rate decision. [CNBC]

The Bank of England kept interest rates unchanged and maintained the size of its asset purchase plan, sending the pound sharply higher. [CNBC]

After the Bank of Japan left interest rates and its asset purchase plan unchanged, the yen rose slightly. [dailyfx.com]

With the Swiss franc remaining below the 1.20-per-euro peg, the Swiss National Bank's forex reserves fell in February. [CNBC]

The Australian and New Zealand dollars were pinned down by a broadly stronger dollar and a wider than expected Australian trade deficit. [CNBC]

Even though the Bank of Canada left interest rates unchanged and Governor Mark Carney softened his hawkish tone, it remains the only G7 central bank to warn of rate hikes. [fxstreet.com]

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