Which Is Better Right Now, Stocks or Bonds?

NYSE Wall Street
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Wall Street traded higher on Thursday, buoyed by data that suggested the jobs market was getting stronger.

The Dow Jones hit an intraday record for the third session in a row, climbing as high as 14,344.95 after initially breaking into uncharted territory on Tuesday.

A strengthening economy and loose monetary policy by central banks around the world have pushed U.S. stocks higher this year. While some expect the market will ease off its current lofty levels, so far dips have been short-lived as investors look for an opportunity to buy.

Market bears however, argue that the stock market is currently overbought and that stocks face serious headwinds such as the impact of the sequester. Skeptics remind that the broader S&P 500sits more than 1 percent below its record close. They say, if anything, now is the time to sell stocks and get defensive.

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