Clermont Chiropractor Helps Improve Patient Health With FirstLine Therapy(R)

CLERMONT, Fla., March 10, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Clermont chiropractor is helping his patients reverse the impact of chronic illness in their lives through a holistic or "whole body" care program aimed at restoring health. According to Dr. Kurtis Michaux of Michaux Family Chiropractic, his clinic's FirstLine Therapy® program teaches patients to use diet, nutrition, exercise and stress management techniques to their advantage. "By using these multiple approaches, we can help people change their lives and gain control of chronic pain and other troublesome or dangerous conditions, leading them to a lifetime of better health," says Dr. Michaux.

Clermont chiropractor Dr. Michaux explains that a chronic illness such as fibromyalgia or diabetes may be caused, aggravated or sustained by a complex chain of internal and external influences. In the example of diabetes, he notes, poor dietary habits, lack of exercise, or nerve problems that cause hormonal fluctuations can all work together to cause obesity, a leading risk factor for this devastating disease.

"Typically we see more than one factor at work in creating and perpetuating such illnesses, and the illnesses themselves tend to involve several bodily systems," he says. "That's why we have to address them through a holistic approach that takes every possible lifestyle factor into account, from diet and exercise to stress levels." He adds that while chiropractic treatment can achieve excellent results in fighting many of these symptoms, often we need to incorporate other factors such as nutritional changes and supplementation to achieve optimal health.

Michaux Family Chiropractic uses the FirstLine Therapy® program. The program, which Dr. Michaux refers to as "personalized lifestyle medicine," includes a customized mix of nutritional and dietary counseling, exercise, stress reduction and other helpful strategies for reversing the underlying causes of chronic illness. According to Dr. Michaux, FirstLine Therapy® uses the most effective healthy nutrition plan which has been proven through research and tens of thousands of hours of clinical application as apparent with the popular Mediterranean diet.

Dr. Michaux helps patients establish realistic goal for their improvement and keep track of their progress every step of the way. The emphasis on teaching patients new health choices that they can continue to use is an important part of the program's lasting effectiveness, adding an element of preventative wellness to the initial benefit of reversing a chronic condition. "As our patients start to feel better and become healthier," explains Dr. Michaux, "they find that they are capable of doing more and more to enhance their own health. We're trying to give them the tools they need to enjoy good health for decades."

In addition to the FirstLine Therapy® program, Michaux Family Chiropractic offers a wide range of natural treatments including spinal adjustment and decompression, lifestyle counseling, physiotherapy. They also carry a number of products including the eXfuze line of whole food extracts (Green Zilla, Proformance, and Shapeway), Metagenics, Protocol, Standard Process, Now, Nutri-west and more.

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