Driver Safety, Fleet Repair Costs Benefit From New Trailer Suspension System

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MT. VERNON, Mo., March 11, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Reyco Granning introduces a product whose time has come. The DockMaster 400 (DM400) Air Ride Slider makes its debut at the 2013 TMC Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition, held this week in Nashville. It's the company's newest addition to an existing array of top-of-the-line trailer air spring suspension systems.

The success behind the DM400 is its proprietary design, with engineering features that help fleets reduce maintenance costs in the midst of driver shortages, stretched budgets, hours of service regulations, as well as driver health and safety concerns.

"The DM400's unique design has resulted in a 'just right' balance of strength and weight, the hallmark of the DM400," says Reyco Granning Vice President of Trailers Joe Gallo. The result – once thought unattainable – is an air ride slider that is 33 percent stronger than its competitors in curb impact testing.

Specifically, the DM400's seven gauge, nine-inch Super-C frame rails and unitized, wrap-around hangers offer unparalleled driver and fleet protection. Designed to fit Binkley, Hutch and TTMA rails, it's built with side wear pads in the hanger, enhanced corrosion protection, Q plus brakes and a four-and-a-half-inch multifunctional pivot bushing to provide optimum control, performance and life expectancy.

According to Gallo, this key design feature of the DM400 makes it ideal for newer drivers entering the job market because of driver shortages. Under such circumstances, increased curbing is sometimes expected, putting drivers at risk and fleet managers on the line for expensive repairs.

"In rigorous tests, our competitors start to buckle at 38,000 pounds. The DM400 doesn't even begin to buckle at 50,000 pounds," Gallo says.

Characteristic of Reyco Granning's reputation for product durability, the DM400 eliminates buckling due to curb impact. As a bonus, the DM400 comes with an exclusive seven-year warranty, exceeding the industry standard.

Another safety feature included in the DM400 is its air pin release, allowing users to avoid back injuries via a manual pin release system. The DM400 features REY-ALIGN™ "one person" alignment system.

On the road, the DM400 suspension design has more than 600 million miles of successful service and has endured more than 4,600 miles on the grueling Bosch track. Reyco's DM400 was designed for dry freight trailers, refrigerated trailers and trailer on flat car (TOFC, intermodal) applications.

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Reyco Granning Suspensions was formed by the merger and acquisition of two well-known names in the heavy duty vehicle suspension industry—Reyco and Granning. Reyco grew out of the Reynolds Mfg. Co and was first known as a major supplier of brake drums for heavy duty vehicles and later developed a full line of air and steel-spring suspensions for trucks, buses, trailers and motorhomes. Granning Air Suspensions was founded in 1949 in Detroit, Michigan as a manufacturer of auxiliary lift axle suspensions. Granning later became an innovator of independent front air suspensions for the motorhome industry. Reyco Granning LLC was formed in early 2011 through a partnering of senior managers and MAT Capital, a private investment group headquartered in Long Grove, Illinois. The Reyco Granning manufacturing facility is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standards, a globally-recognized assurance that quality standards have been established and are maintained by regular rigorous audits.

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