Commentary: Yahoo!'s Mayer Should Be Measuring Talent

Marissa Mayer
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Marissa Mayer

Every CEO faces challenging daily decisions that affect their clients, associates and the future of their company. It's not surprising that an accomplished CEO like Marissa Mayer spent time analyzing productivity in her company, making changes to recraft Yahoo!'s culture, and seems to be trying to engage everyone by bringing them physically into the office.

Mayer must have decided that her workforce was not entirely engaged and wasn't dedicating their time and talents fully to the productivity of Yahoo! And let's face it, many of us have worked in jobs where people show up, but they don't really show up. But, isn't there a better way?

Ultimately, the problem of disengaged employees is not about location, but whom you select in the first place. It's about selecting the best, and finding a tool that allows you to scientifically measure people's talents before you bring them on to your team. When companies dedicate resources around selection, they can recruit team members who buy into their culture, have a natural aptitude to perform the tasks that are asked of them and ultimately, love what they do. When you combine talent and great fit, you will uncover dedication to the company, the community as a whole, and a powerful force to move your company forward.

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I have the opportunity to work each day in a vital and large extended community that is engaged and productive every day. And that's exactly what they are … a dynamic extension of the community of smart, talented, competitive, relationship-oriented, positive, strongly motivated associates who know what it takes to move things forward and are dedicated to making that happen no matter where they are. It is everyone's responsibility to make them feel a part of our company and know that they're as much a part of our success as every member of the team that has offices in Lincoln, Neb. I especially take that on as the president and I task our leadership team with that same responsibility.

Everyone has talent. If you measure that talent, select the most talented and place that person in a job that fits, they will love what they do every day, wherever they park their laptops.

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Kimberly Rath is the president of Talent Plus, a Nebraska-headquartered human resources consulting firm, and a member of the CNBC-YPO Chief Executive Network..

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