Cramer: Beware the Apple Kiss of Death

If you're a technology investor Cramer said it's perilous to have your stock connected toApple in any way shape or form.

"Right now, Apple will pull the stock of your company down," he said, just like a proverbial lead balloon.

Following are some stocks that Cramer thinks may be at risk.


"I think the world of Qualcomm. And it reported a terrific number with a solid dividend boost and monster buyback," Cramer said.

But the market may not see it like that. Instead Cramer said, the market is more likely to see Qualcomm as a big Apple client. And with Qualcomm linked to both the iPad and iPhone, every rival gadget could generate drag.

I worry that "every negative piece on Apple will translate into a negative rap on Qualcomm," Cramer said. "I think you have to think about Apple as a reason behind Goldman's decision to take down Qualcomm a notch, last week."


"Skyworks has fought to get in and stay into the Apple product line for years," Cramer said. And for their efforts they may now pay a price.

"Initially, when the Street learned that Skyworks' products were inside Apple gadgets the Street rushed to buy the stock. But what was once a boon is now a bane. Now all the Street can think is that they're inside for the foreseeable future.

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"I recently decided to eliminate Broadcom from the portfolio," Cramer admitted, "even though Broadcom is a valued partner of Samsung and is doing incredibly well."

What Cramer thinks matters more to the market is that Broadcom is also a key Apple supplier and lately "that's meant no lift on any good news, including a sharply better than expected quarter."

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Cirrus Logic

"Cirrus Logic has been essential to the great sound behind Apple devices for many years," Cramer said. The Mad Money host said that as a result, this stock "is totally at sea."

What's the bottom line?

"It's the kiss of death right now for any stock to be connected to Apple," Cramer said. "The estimates are all going the wrong way and they're taking the entire Apple fleet of suppliers with them."

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