WoodMaxx Product Owners can Now Receive Five Percent Off of their Next Purchase

WoodMaxx Power Equipment

Akron, NY, March 12, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Customers who have previously purchased a quality WoodMaxx product can now enjoy a 5 percent discount on an additional piece of machinery. The discount can be applied toward the purchase of a new wood chipper shredder, tractor mounted backhoe, a 3pt snow blower, a skid steer snow blower, or any WoodMaxx chipper.

WoodMaxx offers a full line of quality equipment and parts. Currently, WoodMaxx offers three sizes of backhoes, three models of wood chipper, and four models of snow blowers. Customers can choose the models with the size and features that best suits their needs.

Each WoodMaxx product is made with the smallest attention to detail. Even the smallest bolt is quality checked and tested for durability. For additional peace of mind, WoodMaxx offer a two year warranty standard with all of its products with the option to purchase a three year warranty.

WoodMaxx also keeps a full line of parts in stock for all of its machines, allowing users to quickly order the parts they need and get back to work. All parts are designed to be easily replaced by removing just a few bolts, allowing a single operator to replace the old parts with new ones in minutes without the assistance of a second operator.

All WoodMaxx machines ship free of charge within the lower 48 states and throughout Canada. Canadian customers are only required to pay customs fees and 5% GST tax. The machines ship up to 90 percent assembled, allowing the purchaser to assemble the remaining parts quickly and easily.

WoodMaxx is unique because all of their machines are made with quality and ease of use in mind. WoodMaxx was established in 2009 and has served thousands of satisfied customers since. In just four years, WoodMaxx has quickly become one of the most trusted names in wood chippers, snow blowers, and PTO backhoe.

Experience the difference of the high quality WoodMaxx product. Contact a WoodMaxx representative to find out how to use the additional purchase discount. Representatives are available Monday through Friday 8 am through 5 pm EST to assist customers.

CONTACT: WoodMaxx Power Equipment Ltd. Phone: (855) 966-3629 Website: http://www.woodmaxx.com

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