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KEY LARGO, Fla., March 12, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BP Claim Pro, LLC, the leader in providing the simplest solution to BP oil spill claim filing, today announced its new Accountant's Solution program that is focused on accountants that are either buried in current claims and cannot process them fast enough or those who will not even attempt to get involved because of the overwhelming complexities of the process.

BP Claim Pro has been the leader in BP oil spill claims since the beginning. Having processed over $170 MILLION worth of claims to date, BP Claim Pro's process ensures the accountant's clients get the highest payout possible, fast expedited processing, and payouts received as quickly as 30-45 days, and the accountant spends very little time on each claim.

The BP Claim Pro program allows the accountant to focus on two items: 1. Contacting their current clients or new clients to inform them of this quick, easy process. 2. Gathering the required documentation for the processing. "Our program is set up specifically for accountants and allows them the freedom to concentrate on customer relations, securing new business and not having to worry about getting bogged down with all the paperwork and complexities of the claim process," says Jeff Gneiser, BP Claim Pro CEO and Operations Director.

BP Claim Pro has also gone one step further; BP Claim Pro has an entire custom marketing package for each accountant that will help explain the program and bring in new businesses that may be unaware they qualify for a settlement. "Having a dedicated marketing team gives our customers the ability to immediately start bringing in new business or go to current customers and show them exactly what the process is. Many times we end up helping with other ideas and creating marketing materials specific to a single accountant's needs," Gneiser explains.

With the deadline for claims to be filed approaching quickly, BP Claim Pro is positioned to handle an unlimited number of claims. This means accountants that currently can only process a small number due to the burden of time required for each one, can now increase their number of claims by as many as possible.

The first step in the process is determining the estimated claim amount for the claimant. Step 2: The accountant uses a simple checklist to compile the required documentation, which most accountants already have if it's a current customer. Step 3: All documentation is provided to BP Claim Pro. Step 4: BP Claim Pro does the rest.

Currently, most accountants get a very small percentage of the actual settlement paid. With the BP Claim Pro program accountants can get up to 10% of the total paid. With the average claim being $54K, that adds up to a lot of income for very little work. "Currently, the average accountant can spend 30-40 hours of time per claim and sometimes much more. With our program, not only do we reduce that time spent by about 95%, but the accountant ends up making more money than they would have if they tried to process it on their own."

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