reQuire Grows Account Management Team with New Hire Jason Dills

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Virginia Beach, March 12, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- reQuire, LLC, the nation's leading online release tracking and reporting company, announced today that Jason Dills has joined its Account Management Team.

Jason is responsible for bringing the reQuire Release Tracking solution to existing and future title industry partners in Eastern and Central Pennsylvania. He joins our current Team in Pennsylvania that first introduced lien release tracking to the state in 2007. Jason will enhance reQuire's presence in Pennsylvania as it continues to proactively track and verify the payoff of prior mortgage accounts and liens after the closing of real estate transactions in the state.

"I am excited to join the reQuire Team," said Dills. "I am thrilled to be working for an innovative lien release company with positive energy and forward-thinking."

Jason has extensive outside sale experience in Central and Eastern Pennsylvania. Prior to joining reQuire, Jason held positions in sales with some of the nation's largest investment companies and won "Rookie of the Year" in 2005 for achieving the highest sales among his peers.

Jason holds a bachelor's degree in economics and business management from Gettysburg College. He currently resides in Philadelphia, PA.

About reQuire Release Tracking

reQuire is the leading lien release tracking and reporting service in the real estate settlement services industry. Its primary customers are companies performing real estate settlements and disbursing payoff funds to satisfy lien requirements. For more than a decade, reQuire has proactively tracked and verified the payoff and cancellation of prior mortgage accounts and liens after the closing. Our goal is to restore certainty in the closing by minimizing costs, disruptions, and frustrations for all parties associated with the transaction - homeowners, realtors, loan officers, attorneys, underwriters, and settlement agents.

Founded in 2002, reQuire provides a unique solution to the epidemic problem in the industry related to unreleased deeds of trust. The lack of lenders statutory compliance and the inconsistencies in lien release-reconveyance methods among states and courthouses has created an ongoing and costly problem for settlement agents in tracking and reporting the release of property liens. Many are familiar with setbacks associated with unreleased liens; our goal is to eliminate setbacks for everyone at the closing table.

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