Bill Clinton: Hillary still the most interesting person I know

Hillary Clinton
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Hillary Clinton

As one of the most famous political marriages in history, Bill and Hillary Clinton have held political office in the U.S. for the past thirty years and seen their relationship face intense scrutiny.

Yet, according to President Clinton, nothing has changed.

During an interview with Tania Bryer for CNBC Meets, Clinton said the former Secretary of State is still the most interesting person he knows and praised her as "an amazing human being."

Clinton spoke of how he was too nervous to talk to Hillary when he first noticed her at Yale Law School in the late spring of 1971.

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"I had just broken up with somebody and I saw her in class," he retells. "I kind of sized her up for weeks before we ever talked. I said (to myself), 'you know, this is going to be nothing but trouble because I can tell she is an extraordinary person and I don't want to get involved with anybody right now.

"Then the famous encounter occurred in the Law School library, when she came up to me and said, 'if you're going to keep staring at me and I'm going to keep looking back we should at least know our names.' That's how we started."

He also spoke of how during his wife's four years in the state department they formed a weekend romance, when either she would go to New York or he would go down to Washington, to ensure they saw each other at least once a week, travel commitments permitting.

Hillary Clinton stepped down as Secretary of State on February 1, 2013 with a 69 percent approval rating and with many Democrats hoping she will run for president in 2016 when President Obama's second term comes to an end.

Commenting on over 40 years of married life, he added, "I hope we helped each other through all these long years. We sure have had a good time."

The full interview with President Bill Clinton can be seen on CNBC Meets on March 20.

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