Bear Case in European Risk: McDonald

Europe has presented systemic risk in the past few years and could end the U.S. stock rally soon, Newedge's Larry McDonald said Thursday on CNBC.

"If you think about it, the last couple of years credit spread contagion of this time of the year really hurt equities," he said. "Systemic risk out of Europe has been a problem the last three years, and I'm seeing warning signs of that now."

On "Fast Money," McDonald said that the equity market had consistently ignored credit risk over the past three years.

"All I would say is, the biggest financial institutions in Europe are massively underperforming the biggest financial institutions in the United States on a credit basis, so if you look at investment-grade credit, subordinating credit," he said.

"That tells me they're very concerned about what's happening in Italy, what's happening in Spain."

McDonald added that the market could see "elevator-shaft drops."

"I'm not that comfortable owning equities at this point," he said, adding that emerging markets was a much better value.

Josh Brown of Fusion Analytics said that European risks actually made a bullish case for stocks.

"The reason why people want to allocate to U.S. stocks is because we don't have those credit issues," he said. "No. 2, sentiment here is very different than sentiment abroad."

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