JumpSeat Connects Buyers With Sellers, Bringing Down Cost of Private Jet Travel for Both

NEW YORK, March 15, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- It used to be said that if you had to ask, you couldn't afford it. But in today's economy, even those who fly private jets are looking for ways to bring their costs down. JumpSeat founder Justin Sullivan has created a new app that connects people looking to share space on private aircraft with those looking to fly, producing significant savings for both parties.

JumpSeat's new 'private community of the air' is as appealing to private jet owners as it is to those who just want to jump into a surprisingly well-priced private jet experience. Flights can be booked online at www.JumpSeat.me.

As founder and Chief Executive Officer Justin Sullivan puts it, "With JumpSeat we are introducing collaborative consumption to the world of private jets - it's a natural combination, saving everybody real money."

By facilitating connections between committed supply and previously unidentified demand, JumpSeat helps mitigate the cost of the planned trip the owner or charterer while giving other 'JumpSeaters' a chance to bid on those JumpSeats. Shopping is free and takes only a few clicks. Registered members can book a JumpSeat without paying a membership fee.

"New customers ask us, 'How do I find the right person with whom I can feel comfortable sharing a private flight?' and I tell them about our 'aerial networking' program," said John Williams, JumpSeat's Executive Chairman.

"We eliminate those uncertainties with our 'JumpSeat Certified' program, with a screening process that includes interviews with a Customer Service specialist designed to ensure that both parties' goals and objectives are a match. The JumpSeat Certified program also includes full background checks and clearances against the TSA/Homeland Security 'No Fly List' and much more. And we make sure all flyers are aware of the FAA-certificated air carrier that has operational control over the flight."

Former National Hockey League player Sean Avery, a JumpSeat customer, said "As someone who made his name by doing things differently - ask Marty Brodeur - I was immediately impressed by what JumpSeat is doing to private flying. I've used their services twice already and loved the whole experience."

JumpSeat's exclusive concierge service further enhances the travel experience by assisting with such items as arrangements for on-board catering, rental cars or limo service – all on a cost-plus basis. JumpSeaters can invite friends and family to join the community via email, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to receive award flight credits. Each newly referred member receives $500 off their first JumpSeat trip, while the member who referred them also receives $500 in credits.

Sullivan added, "JumpSeat makes finding a great deal on a private flight easy and fun. Imagine the thrill of snagging a couple of seats on a private jet at half the price you'd pay in the open market. That's exciting!"

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