Baltimore Veterinarian Stresses Importance of Identifying Pet Emergency

BALTIMORE, March 17, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fullerton Animal Hospital in Baltimore, MD is educating pet owners about the importance of urgent pet care in the event of a veterinary health emergency. The veterinarians are teaching pet owners how to identify signs of a vet emergency. Symptoms include seizures, shaking, vomiting or diarrhea for more than 24-hours, and a swollen abdomen. Any pet that is unconscious or unresponsive requires immediate care. Since pets cannot verbally communicate when they are sick, veterinarian Dr. Bob Brown says pet owners must be vigilant and act promptly if they suspect illness.

Pet owners can make a difference for sick pets by learning the symptoms of a veterinary health emergency. According to Fullerton Animal Hospital, pet owners who recognize the signs of a health emergency and act promptly can save their pets' lives.

"In a veterinary health emergency, every minute matters," said Dr. Bob Brown, Baltimore veterinarian and owner of Fullerton Animal Hospital. "By identifying the signs of illness and acting quickly, pet owners ensure that their pets receive life-saving care. In many cases, such as accidental poisoning, a prompt response can make the difference between life and death."

Pets with a swollen abdomen that is sensitive to the touch may be suffering from kidney failure, poisoning, heat stroke or liver failure; all conditions require immediate care. Excessive thirst and urination may also by symptomatic of a health problem, such as antifreeze poisoning. Other common types of poisoning include chocolate ingestion and rodenticide ingestion.

Dr. Brown and the rest of the veterinarians on staff are using Facebook and the practice's blog to spread the word about pet emergency care and teach pet owners what symptoms to look for in a sick pet.

"We are encouraging pet owners to post question on our practice's blog or Facebook page to learn more about how to identify a pet emergency," said Dr. Brown. "Not every emergency vet in our area uses social media to reach out to pet owners. We are hoping this approach will empower pet owners to actively monitor their pets' health and act promptly if they suspect an emergency."

The pet hospital provides emergency vet care during regular office hours; no appointment is required. Emergency vet services include X-rays and diagnostic blood work to determine the precise problem. An on-site pharmacy is also available to provide medication. Heart monitoring is available for cardiac care patients.

"If a pet owner suspects that their pet is suffering from a health problem, they should immediately contact our pet hospital," said Dr. Brown. "For after hour emergencies, we can recommend a local vet emergency hospital."

Pet owners can learn more about emergency animal services by visiting the pet hospital's website at and becoming a fan on Facebook.

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