Google May Take on Evernote With Its Own App

Google Keep App
Source: Google
Google Keep App

Google may be planning to launch its own note-taking applications, a move that would challenge the popular note-taking app Evernote.

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The search giant leaked the app, called Keep, on Google Drive on Sunday, then took it down after about 30 minutes, according to multiple reports.

According to a report from Android Police—which originally discovered the source code for the service and noticed that the desktop version of the app went live on Sunday—Keep resembles Notebook, a Google product that was shut down in 2009. The app allowed users to save and organize information online.

Google did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

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Evernote, which boasts 50 million users, is one of the leading note-taking apps available, enabling users to save text, images and web content in the same document. It also lets them sync their saved docs across mobile and desktop platforms.

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Google recently announced plans to discontinue its Reader service later this year.

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